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Ice Caps Entries #1

Here are a couple of entries that came in for the St. John's Ice Caps ReDesign...

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Nevill)
St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Shaun)

Committee members, keep emailing those votes in for the COTW. Nominees are listed on the left side of the page and their concepts are on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab.

Still accepting teams for HJC Fantasy Hockey. Send me an email if you want to play this year. Make sure that you can be committed to your team for the whole year.

The NCAA 24 hour playoff concluded and the winner by a 2-1 score in said playoff was Brian D. with his MSU concepts!

NCAA ReDesign winner (Brian D.)

I should have noted this yesterday, but here are other entries in the NCAA competition that got one vote each.
- Arthur
- Brady
- Bryan S.
- Ryan J.
- Scott M.


Washington Capitals concepts (by Kris)
Anaheim Ducks concept (by Spirit104)

Connecticut Whale concepts (by Cody)Cody has used the old Hartford Wolfpack's jerseys and re-coloured them to fit the Whale logo. Leaving the Sportlogos.net tag on your green concept and not having numbers or shoulder patches indicates a rush job on this one. That's not me picking on Cody that's just me trying to help everyone get better. The better your concepts are, the better HJC is and then more people will read HJC and see your concepts.

Toronto Maple Leafs logo alteration (by Felix)Felix has added gold to the Leafs scheme and placed a large T behind their logo. I'm a biased Leafs fan so obviously I wouldn't like this. What do you guys think of it?

New Jersey Devils concepts (by Brian D.)I like both jerseys just not in the same set. The green one on top is my favourite. The white concept looks more like a Wild jersey than a Devils jersey. Also, I think the logos could be a bit bigger, they look a little small for the jersey.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Kevin)Kevin uses the alternate jersey and places the retro Ducks logo on it. I originally just brushed this concept off as a typical retro wishful thinking submission, but on a second look I really like this a the Ducks identity. Way better than what they use now! The 3rd jersey, I'm not so hot on, but it is based off of the early 2000's alternate.

Texas A&M concept (by Jose)Another classic looking college jersey from Jose and another thumbs up from me!

Seattle Metros concepts (by HJC)This is another concept team that I created for a non-NHL city. Yesterday, I posted some merchadise concepts that I created, today I post the jerseys! I didn't go as far as recreating the Metropolitans (1915-1924), I just shortened it to Metros. I kept Seattle's classic blue and green colour scheme with some shade variations. The logo is a Frankenstein of the Seattle Sounders FC logo and Seattle's monorail logo. The shoulder patch is based on the captain's patch in the NFL.
Ice Caps Entries #1 Reviewed by Ryan on September 20, 2011 Rating: 5


Felix said...

Ryan, I used a gold color scheme on a " Maple Leaf " logo for two reasons:
1. to create a contrast and step away a bit from a familiar blue and white pattern.
2. to place a color that represent a leaf in a nature, as close as it can be.
White, blue and gold can be together as a good color combination. IMO it works much nicer than some of the " Leafs " white, blue and gray.

Felix said...

Ryan, your Seattle concept is fine for the most parts - the only suggestion that I have by looking at your logo is the fact that the entire silhouette of the logo looks as Uncle Sam's hat or NY Yankees hat for the same reason.
I do like your shoulder patch in a shape of an " S ", if you would place Seattle's tower at the top of the " S " - that would work much nicer and to the point of your entire concept. Jose's Texas concept's logo reads " ATM " to me.

ArthurD said...

Felix: That's just TAMU's logo. And for the record, there's only one "Texas": The University of Texas Longhorns.

ArthurD said...

Ryan: Does the shoulder patch have stars underneath the S like the NFL patches?

Ryan said...

@Felix: My only comment would be that there are only a handful of teams that most would never change.
1. red, blue and white of the Habs
2. red and white of the Wings
3. black and red of the Hawks
4. blue and white of the Leafs
5. blue, red and white of the Rangers
6. Black and gold of the Bruins

It's like changing the New York Yankees colours.

Ryan said...

@Arthur: The shoulder patch says "METROS" under the S on the home jersey and "SEATTLE" under the S on the road jersey.

ArthurD said...

Nice touches. I'm giving it COTW (Ryans Seattle)

Anonymous said...

nice work Ryan. COTW nomination from me.

Nevill said...

COTW for Kris' Caps concepts! Those look very solid and blend old and new together very nicely. Well done! Excellent!

cody said...

will second kris ice caps. they are great

cody said...

other4 teams that shouldn't change:

Anonymous said...

Though not a big fan of the Metros name, this concept actually made me a fan. I love the green-blue Seattle Signature. The only thing I would change is the shoulder patch. I would have gone with the original S in the Seattle Metropolitans as opposed to the block lettering of the captain patch. Can keep the Seattle lettering in the S or just have the S, but all in all the best concept I have seen yet

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