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The COTY-August playoff continues. It's between Eric's Canada concepts and Mason's Nashville concept. If you haven't voted in the playoff yet be sure to do so before Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Here are the NCAA entries that have come in. Entries will be accepted up until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Voting will begin on Monday.

University of Illinois concepts (by Bryan S.)
California Riverside Highlanders concepts (by Magnus)
TCU concepts (by Mason H.)
North Carolina concepts (by Nevill)
Bowling Green Falcons concepts (by HJC)
University of Minnesota concepts (by Ryan J.)
University of Connecticut concepts (by Scott M.)
North Dakota concepts (by Stephen)


Minnesota Wild concepts (by Sam N.)
Slap Shot concepts (by Brian W.)
Cincinnati Stingers concepts (by Cody)

Winnipeg Jets logo concept (by Kyle S.)Kyle makes a new retro inspired logo for the new Jets. Can this logo be called a fauxback logo?

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brian)Brian keeps sending in some quality Jets concepts and he stays with the Air Force themed jerseys. The jersey on the top is really great. I think the striping, colours, and numbers all work really well with each other and the logo. The bottom jersey also has great striping, but the logo isn't my favourite.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Brandon S.)Brandon uses Mike Ivall's awesome Hawks concept logo and places it inside the circle. I'm not big on circle logos anymore, but to improve it I think the font would need to look more modern, just like Mike's logo. Also, even though this classic striping pattern is a winner I think the regular Hawks striping (with the yokes) would look better.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Mason H.)I really like this concept. I think it's 100 times better than their current alternate, but almost any jersey would fall under that same category. I only have a very small note and that would be to make the Reebok logo sand instead of brick red.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Kris)I like the striping on the home and away sweaters. I also like the small COLUMBUS just under the collar. I personally prefer when the shoulder patches are the same, how does everyone else feel about that?

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by John B.)John is not a fan of Vancouver in the blue and green. He would like to see them go back to this colour scheme and wear these jerseys. I like the home and road, but definitely not the 3rd. Yes, these concepts lack shoulder patches and TV numbers, but that is almost made up for by the clean presentation. Effort has still been shown.
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Felix. said...

I start with Winnipeg logo by Kyle-
I don't like it and here is why: 1.some things should be never mixed together ( like oil and water ). Retro Jets logo is perfect the way it is - leave it alone and don't bother. 2. Current Jets logo sucks - it is a stand up ceramic dish with a chip at the top of the blue circle and a sandwich made of a jet on top of the maple leaf. I've said that earlier to Johnny Griswald on his Puckdrawn.com during a remake contest for the Jets logo and I'm saying this again here. 3. Kyle switched a gray circle to red, added current woodmark script to the retro hockey stick and changed to a military jet inside a puck - but what ever had happened to a maple leaf,Kyle? 4. the current Jets logo remind me a mascot from Jack in the box, as if you look at the mascot from a bird's view.
Brandon's Blackhawks concept striping pattern nothing more but a New Jersey Devils jersey. Ryan is right- the current blackhawks striping pattern is perfect the way it is and, so, is their current logo. In my opinion- home Blackhawks jersey- all time NHL's best.
Mason's Coyotes concept: nice put together striping, I don't like a dark font of the jersey ( it is lacking Arizona state colors ) and I've never like the mascot on a 3 rd, as to me it is a running fox, not a coyote. If Mason can come up with a unique logo and changes a font - that could be a winner. Canucks concept by John is absolute no go, because the logo he uses is only good enough for a shoulder patch, never mind his choice of colors.

Ryan said...

Felix, your comments really come off like you are attacking the artists. You need to scale it back a bit. You're free to express your opinion, but be constructive. Kyle is free to create any Jets logo concept that he wants. If he didn't want to add a maple leaf, he didn't need to.

KyleS said...

Felix, I wanted to make the old logo out of the currents Jet's logos. Theres no maple leaf in the old logo, so I didn't put it into my logo. I made it cause I don't really think that TNSE would go with the retro logo, I think they would make a logo similar to mine for a retro inspired jersey.

Felix said...

Ryan and Kyle - I only expressed my genuine opinion - there was nothing personal nor any intention to hurt anyone or attack anyone. Sorry, if my comments went the wrong way to some... Kyle, by the way there is a way to make a nice update on a retro Jets logo and I'll create that and e-mail it to Ryan soon. Okay,Ryan,from now on - I'll use only soft pastel colors in my comment palette.

KyleS said...

Your saying I didn't make a good update to the Jets logo? I updated it using almost every logo the jets now use! I can't wait to see what you make and make it better then mine!

Brandon said...

@Ryan: just curious, did Kyle send you that logo after the last post?

Also I am glad Felix was too stupid to see the logo on my Jets third jersey in the last post LOLZ

KyleS said...


I sent it before the last post. I was reading the last post, and I came across your concept, and I was like "Havent I seen that logo on the 3rd before?". Then I realized I had just designed something like that a few hours earlier, lol.

Anonymous said...


i wouldent be hating on other peoples concepts, yours arent the best either.

Brandon said...

Kyle, have you ever seen my blog?

KyleS said...


No, I haven't, why?

Brandon said...

Just wondered. I posted my jerseys and logo on there 4 days ago


Felix said...

Brandon- you're a stupid one to copy a former Atlanta Thrashers home jersey and presented as the Jets retro 3 rd - stealing someone else already made concepts make you a thief.

Brandon said...

dear felix,
i wasnt talking to you. but you know what? youre right


IS the exact same as this:

I am so sorry. The stripes on the right arm and the hem are THE EXACT SAME!! i feel awful now. I should probably report myself to the authorities for it. i hope i go to prison for a long time so i learn my lesson and learn how to make original jerseys. god, i am so stupid. i see now the reason i made that jersey wasnt to fuse together the 1979-1990 Jets Jersey, the old thrashers jerseys, and the new jets jersey: it was so i could paste a logo onto the thrashers jersey. i feel like an idiot for not noticing that before.

Brandon said...





Hermilo said...

I'm a actually not opposed to the Canucks going back to the color scheme presented by John. It's a look that I find original and connects better with their killer whale logo than their current ones, which often remind me of the old Whalers uniforms. I like the implemented V stripes on the alternate, because I still believe the flying V was so ugly, it's cool.

This coming from a Hawks fan.

Felix. said...

The current Canucks color scheme is perfect and pleasant for an eye.
I have a feeling that eventually the team will adopt an alternate full figure comic Canuck logo to be their primary logo for home and away jerseys and it is make a lot more sense then their current orca.Sorry, but when I looked again at John's Canucks concept the way it is presented - it is three fridge magnets ( just a feeling that I have ). I do see a potential in his 3 rd jersey by changing two " V's " into a nose of the killer whale coming at you with a retro Canucks logo placed on his back. Sorry, again but his home and away jerseys are New Jersey Devils to me.
Brandon, if you want to act as a punk - go right ahead! So far, I haven't seen any solid contests coming from you - but I can read your nasty, childish whine. Try to put your energy and effort into your jersey concepts and dont worry about me - look at yourself in a mirror once in a while...

Brandon said...

i dont make CONTESTS bud. sorry to burst your bubble. i do spend good amounts of time on my concepts. people notice them as a job well done. thats why they get nominated for cotw and i am not a regular in the "quick hits" section like yourself.Anything ive ever seen of yours has been in the "quick hits" part of a post, you know what that means? it means Ryan really has nothing good to say about your concepts and doesnt even feel they are worth a critique. ouch.

ArthurD said...

I've seen the scoring on this fight and it's as follows:
Felix: Brandon: TKO 5th Rnd
Felix: Brandon: TKO 5th Rnd
Felix: Brandon: TKO 5th Rnd

There ya go boys, apparently it's be settled.

cody said...

hey kyle do you mind if i use your logo on my 3rd for my new jets concept? also can anyone tell me how to add tv numbers to a jersey using ms paint?

Glen Cuthbert said...

As far as your shoulder patches question, Ryan, I actually prefer them different, especially if a team has several good alternate logos. If the Canucks HAD TO continue using the Orca on their chests, then I'd love to see Johnny Canuck and the Stick in Rink on their shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, you are so wrong when you stated : " Ryan has nothing good to say about my concepts nor that he cares they are worth any critique, ouch " Flip the older posts and see my point on that. From now on just speak for yourself and don't bring Ryan into your mess. Here is a useful advice - think before you type and then think again before you hit an "enter" button.

Felix. said...

Glen, I agree with you on using a different patches on a shoulder yoke- there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. I'd like to see Canucks adopt a Johny Canuck logo to be their permanent. I'll post very soon my concept for the current Orca mascot.

KyleS said...


Sure, it would be awesome to see someone use my logo on a jersey!!

cody said...

@ kyle ill send them in tonight to ryan. btw do you know how to add tv numbers to a jersey?

KyleS said...


Its just copy and pasting, use the numbers from the templates page, and just put them on the arms.

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