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Finally, Friday Post Is Up

COTW winner for August 29 to September 4 is Matt D. and his Phoenix Coyotes concepts! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to check out the winning entry. Here are the results from the vote;

Matt D./PHX - 4
Eric W./BRN - 3
Matt D./TB - 1
Matt D./MIN - 1
Cody/HRT - 0
Matt D./PHI - 0

COTY-August was a tie! Here are the results;

Eric W./CAN - 3 Mason H./NSH - 3
Avi/CLM - 2
Ryan/HRT - 1

The playoff vote between Eric and Mason will begin now and run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. So, Committee members, start your voting!

Yesterday I posted the new Winnipeg Jets numbers. In case you missed them HERE they are.

I was bumping around on shop.NHL.com and noticed that jersey prices have increased from $129.99 to $134.99. Gee Reebok, I wonder why the market is flooded with knockoffs?!?!?! Remember when CCM (same company as Reebok) jerseys were $99.99? I'd rather have those materials, cut like an Edge jersey for $99.99 than the current Edge "replicas".

Here are some NCAA entries that have come in.

Ohio State concepts (by Avi)
University of New Hampshire concepts (by Brady)
Auburn Tigers concepts (by Brent P.)
Rider University concepts (by Tommy G.)

I asked for people to send in Jets "fixes" and they have!

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Brady)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brandon S.)
Winnipeg Jets concept (by Kyle M.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Mark M.)
Winnipeg Jets concept (by Mason II)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Matt M.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Ryan)


Florida Panthers concepts (by Cody)
Anaheim Ducks concept (by Sam O.)
Ottawa Senators concept (by Kris)

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Brady)Brady uses elements from 3 different eras for his Leafs jerseys. He used the 50's logo, 67 stripes, and 80's arms. I like these except the logo could be bigger.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Brandon S.)Here is a new red alternate for the Sabres. I like Brandon's logo mash-up except for the "B". I also like the jersey, but I don't think the NEW YORK needs to be in the hem.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Cody)Cody has used the old WHA logos for the home and road sweaters. He brings back the steel oil drop logo for the alternate jerseys. For those alternates, I'd like to see the arm stripes go all the way around. Also, the numbers and names on the back of the jerseys could be centred. Finally, by now, everyone should know to add TV numbers.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Kris)Kris has altered last year's anniversary jersey (which are hard to find now. Anyone know where I can still get one?) with shoulder yokes and the Johnny Canuck logo. I like the idea of Johnny on the retro sweater, but not the yokes.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Brandon S.)Although this looks like the late 70's Penguins jersey, it is not. I like the scarf penguin logo, but I think he needs the circle portion to complete him. The Winter Classic numbers are also a nice touch.

Heritage Classic concept (by John B.)John stages another outdoor Canadian game. The difference is in this one the teams will wear WHA jerseys of teams who shared their city (Cowboys vs Nationals).

Duluth Breakers concepts (by Sam N.)Sam put a lot of time into these concepts! I immediately give it a COTW nomination for all of the effort. He places a new team in Duluth and calls them the Breakers. He's designed his own logos and stadium, the Great Lakes Fleet Arena.He also included a ticket with his submissions. Once again, this gets a COTW nom from me.

Don't forget to vote in the COTY-August Playoff between Mason H. & Eric W. It runs until Sunday @ 11;59pm EST!
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Anonymous said...

Brandon's Penguins for COTW. really liking it. I also wonder why the prices of the jerseys are going up.

Glen Cuthbert said...

Brandon's Pens seconded

Kyle S. said...

Ryan, did you get my Jets logo concept?

Ryan said...

@Kyle S: yes but after I had set up this post. Look for it next post.

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a new rule on hjc. No jersey concepts will be posted unless they have tv numbers, and if there is a back, it has to include numbers and names. This will show that people put time and effort into their concepts.

ArthurD said...

I also think there should be a new rule: No rules submitted by people without Google accounts. If you really care that much then get an account and stop just being an anonymous little rabble rouser. Either shut up or properly join the forum.

Anonymous said...

Hey arthur, got myself a google account!

ArthurD said...

Absolutely fabulous.

Ryan said...

@Anonymous: Well played!

Brandon said...

@Kris and Glen: thanks for showin love!!

@Ryan: just wondering, can Anonymous nom for cotw???

cody said...

most likeley he can. btw ryan those oilers alts were based off the old home and 3rd jerseys. i changed the copper and red to silver and blue.

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