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COTW Voting Has Ended

Thursday's post got pretty heated in the comments section. It got to the point where I actually decided to stop posting one person's concepts because of the way they conducted themselves on said comments board and how that person treated other people and their concepts on the same comments board. Also due to the personal nature of this person's verbal attacks on me, my art here on the site and my family in private emails also led to me making my decision.

For now, I'm assuming we have not heard the last of this person. When they do come back with another comment, regardless of whether it is a good or bad comment, it is VERY important that you ignore that person. Eventually people get tired of no one listening. It may take a day,a week, a month or even a year, but just keep ignoring them! It may get to the point where I have to moderate the comments for a while, but we'll see where it goes.

For the record, you are allowed hate concepts that are posted on HJC. You are also allowed to comment on how much you dislike that concept. However, if you don't like something be prepared to explain yourself in the same comment. We are all trying to get better, so also be prepared to leave some thoughts on how you would improve the concept. It is HJC policy to remove comments that are negative and attack a person and/or their work without being constructive. HJC will also delete any concepts or comments that may be offensive, have nothing to do with hockey, or abuse the good nature of the site.

COTW voting ended on Thursday. The results of the vote are below;

Kevin (STL) - 3 Mason H. (PHI) - 3
Kevin (CGY) - 1
Arthur (SWE) - 0
Brandon S. (CLE) - 0

We have a tie between Kevin's Blues concepts and Mason's Flyers concept. There will be a playoff vote which starts immediately and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

The deadline for St. John's Ice Caps ReDesign entries is Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Here's the only entry that has come in recently.

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by WinnipegJets96)

Today the Maple Leafs "officially" revealed their new 3rd jersey. I was down at the ACC for the reveal. Here are some personal pics from the event.

Gee, I wonder what's under there?The numbers look a little broader, yet less bold than the regular numbers...if that makes sense? The captain's C's and A's are also old school as they are the same as what was used in 1967. They look similar to the Blues'.During the reveal, this was the closest fans could get. Even though they invited down fans, there really wasn't a place for us as the media took up most of the room.On a side note, a lot (not all) media cameramen are dinks! When they knock over a big guy like me just to get their shot, I think there might be a problem with how they conduct their business.

Afterwards, the room cleared out a bit and I was able to get a close shot of the full body model. Notice that the Leafs will wear a new pants cover with the 3rd jersey which features a thick stripe running down the side.
With a new jersey comes a new blank template!
(click & save)The link to this and other blank templates can be found near the bottom of the TEMPLATES page.

Not too many concepts today.

On Monday we will get to see what the Flyers and Rangers will wear on January 2nd in Philadelphia for the Winter Classic. Here are some guesses that have been sent in over the last 48 hours. Send your guess in and I will try to update this post all weekend!

New York Rangers Winter Classic concepts (by HJC)These are loosely based on the Rangers' 1935 sweater. For my official guess refer to the now very out of date 11/12 JERSEY RUMOURS page. (I will try to update that page this weekend)

Winter Classic concepts (by Avi)Avi suggests that the Flyers will use their pre-Edge black home jersey. The Rangers concept appears to be a bit of a retro mash-up. Solid work, though Kevin reports, direct from the Flyers in-arena merch store, that Philly will be wearing an orange jersey that is "retro-progressive" and will also use vintage white.

New York Rangers Winter Classic concept (by Scott M.)Scott's concept looks much like the fakes that are being sold across the internet. Except Scott uses a true white on his jersey.

Winter Classic concepts (by Mason H.)Mason also appears to be basing his Rangers jersey off of the 1935 jersey. The Flyers concept is clearly based on the Philadelphia Quakers and Mason also has used a darker shade of orange along with vintage white.
COTW Voting Has Ended Reviewed by Ryan on September 24, 2011 Rating: 5


Kevin said...

Ryan I think you have the Rangers jersey damn near spot on with your second concept, if you were to switch the blue outline and red numbers around I think you're golden.
I would love a black jersey to come back for the Flyers, but I can't see them doing that in the near future

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the Rangers wear a vintage white jersey. I knew they would wear navy blue. I'm very interested to see what the Flyers will put together. I expected it to be either a Quakers inspired jersey or the 80's orange jersey.

Ryan said...

I'm thinking the Flyers give us somethings we've never seen before, a "fauxback". Or I think they will just use their current home sweaters with vintage white and collar laces.

Anonymous said...

How about a Kings @ Avalanche Winter Classic? You know, after the Kings win the cup this year, they'll get a lot of attention!

Scott Markiewicz said...

Guys, the anonymous person is the guy Ryan banned from HJC. Dont pay ant attention to him. Responding is just feeding his ego.

Jets96 said...

Scott, I like your Rangers concept, I personally think it would make a nice alternate away & the rangers should use it kinda like what they did with the lady liberty jerseys in the 90's, even using that lady liberty logo as a shoulder patch would make your concept a really nice alternate, it is still a good winter classic jersey but it seriouslly has potential to be a great alternate (in my own opinion)

Ryan said...

@Tex & @Mason:

Did you not read the beginning of this post. You did EXACTLY what I suggested we all not do! What's up with that!?!?!

Tex said...

I hadnt even read the post, I first checked the comments. Sorry, my bad.

michaelnedrow said...

Hey Ryan, was the Maple Leafs revealing session for season tickets holders only, or was it a first come, first seve event? Just wondering.

Ryan said...

@Michael: It was a first come first serve thing. Except it wasn't terribly fan friendly. They really shouldn't have invited fans as the media (understandably) took over everything. Fans were shoved into a corner off to the side. I thankfully managed to stay out of the corner and behind the cameras.

Brandon C said...

Actually, I posted as anonymous, I just didn't feel like putting Brandon C. You can pay attention to me. You're not feeding my ego.

Scott Markiewicz said...

Sorry Brandon, i was talking about the other anonymous commenter whom was banned for his remarks the other day, not you.

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