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COTW, New Template & HJC Fantasy Hockey

The Flyers and Rangers will apparently release their Winter Classic jerseys on Monday, September 26! Also on that day the logo for the event will be released. The jerseys will not use the logos that have been placed on the knock-off jerseys being sold on the internet. Also, the plan is for the Flyers to use this year's Classic jersey as their 3rd jersey for the 2012-13 season.

COTW winner for September 5-11 is Brandon S. with his Pittsburgh Penguins concept! You can go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to view the winning entry. Here are the results from the vote. Again, voter participation was low. Should we go back to the old method of voting, where people could fudge the results?

Brandon - 3
Brady - 2
Nevill - 2

Last night I posted a new template that I made on the TEMPLATES page. It's a KHL template. Lets start seeing some KHL concepts now!

Most, if not all, teams reported to training camps today for medicals, promotional things and the first meeting of the season. This all means hockey is starting very soon! I know the Leafs have their first pre-season game on Monday! This also means that HJC is starting up a Fantasy Hockey League!!! If you want to join, send me an email. For those that get in, I will send you the league name and password. I want to have an even number of teams so that it can be a head-to-head league. Thus, everyone may not get in the league. I will be away from HJC this weekend, so emails will not be returned until Monday...Sunday night at the earliest.

Keep voting for NCAA concepts. I only have 6 votes that have been sent in right now and there are over 20 people on the Voting Committee. What's going on?!?!?


Minnesota Wild concept (by Kris)
Minnesota Winter Classic game concepts (by Kris)

New York Rangers logo concept (by Felix)This is Felix's response to Kevin's Flyers concept from a week or so ago. To me, the font inside the logo looks too generic and the size of the left and right side of the logo don't seem to match up too well.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Stephen)Wow, these are crazy, yet somewhat balanced. They look more like an All Star Game jersey design.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by John B.)John creates a concept using the D logo as the main crest, a move I think most would like the Ducks to copy. I'm okay with the jersey, but I would personally do away with the white yokes.

Oregon concept (by Jose)Jose takes elements from the football jersey and applies them to a hockey jersey. I'd say it translates well! This would be a pretty sweet college jersey.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Kevin D.)A little bit of mixing late 60's and late 80's here by Kevin. I think that the Blues' wordmark is quality and works well on a jersey in the same style as the 80's jerseys. I like this enough to give it a COTW nomination.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Matt D.)This seems to be common, where the football inspired jersey is merged with the old pre-Edge jersey. Yes, that alternate is cool, but I think Dallas needs to be Dallas, not Minnesota...still a great jersey though.

As I said previously, I will be away from HJC for the weekend so I wouldn't expect a post. I will be getting your emails, but I won't be responding to them. Consider it a small HJC vavcation until Monday so I can recharge the batteries.
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BlueAndWhiteForever said...

@Ryan You're going to be playing NHL 12 aren't you...

Tex said...

Kevins blues for COTW, I only wish there was no wordmark aboe the logo. If oregen had hockey jerseys
they would be by Nike, and there would be 40. But it was
awesome concept.

Kris said...

About Dallas wearing the North Stars look, I believe their new third was supposed to be a North Stars inspired jersey.

ArthurD said...

Yeah good looking ducks jersey, although I'm not sure why they'd go UA since Phil Knight runs the state of Oregon.

Hockeymode said...

I second Kevins Blues concept.

geoff said...

I like those Canucks concepts. Very innovative and I think teams need to start going that way instead of just going retro for everything

cody said...

i enjoy matts stars set a lot! minnesotas needa there north stars back. then the wild can move to kansas city.

Ryan said...

@Cody: You can't just move a team because of convenience or nostalgia. The Wild have built a very strong brand that makes lots of money, why move it into a different and very uncertain situation?

cody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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