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Concepts with a Southwest Division Touch

Frequent contributor, Eric T., reminded me that if you're a fan of NHL 12, it will not initially have the Jets' jerseys in the game. The jerseys will be added later with a roster update. Also, Dan Tencer of 630 CHED-AM (Edmonton radio) spoke to new Jets play-by-play man Denis Beyak, who said that the team is going to unveil their new sweaters sometime next week.

Today is the last day for Voting Committee members to vote for COTW.

Also, AHL voting continues until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.


Colorado Avalanche concept (by Evan)
Washington Capitals concept (by Sam O.)
Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Cody)

New York Islanders concept (by Nevill)Nevill makes a couple alterations to the current sweater and then makes it black. What we get is a better option that what the Isles will use! Still, I'd like to see the pants, helmet and gloves blue instead of black.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Kevin)It's a Predators jersey with Islanders arms! It doesn't look bad, but it also doesn't look like an Avalanche jersey.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Ryan)I think most of us would like to see a complete change in the Stars' jerseys. I tried to do that, but I also tried to incorporate the "football look" that they currently use. I combined that with the old black jersey to make a 3rd jersey. I tried to keep that font simple and classic also.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Fredrik)Fredrik used a little bit of inspiration for the home and away jerseys. I like them both. He also used a lot of inspiration for the alternate. I like it, but I think Dallas should just stick with the Dallas Stars theme and forget about trying to look like the North Stars.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Kalin)I really like this jersey up until the chest stripe. It doesn't go with the arm stripes and it seems unnecessary to me. I also think blue pants would be better for this jersey.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Brian)Brian was inspired by Jose's concept that was sent in just over a week ago. I won't go into it again about the Habs wearing a Maroons jersey. I like the simplified Canadiens striping. In fact, the simplicity of the jersey is really great!

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Matt D.)Love these!!!! I love the logo alteration, the new font on the jerseys, and the design on the jersey stripes! Check out the "hidden" sun rays on the cuffs of the jerseys. Everything here is great, nearly as good as his Wild jerseys from earlier this week! This one gets a COTW nomination from me.
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Scott Markiewicz said...

Sam's Caps concept is a BIG no-no. The Rangers and Capitals should never be merged. EVER!!!!

Andrew said...

I second Matt D's Coyotes jersey. Put it in the COTW!

billy said...

i dont know i kinda like sams caps jersey

ArthurD said...

2nd Matt D. He has murdered this site the past few days.

Button said...

I disagree on MattD's design deserving COTW consideration...more like COTY. Fantfreakintastic!

Brandon said...



Anonymous said...

Wow. Matt D is gonna have a hell of alot of entries in the COTW vote!

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

Matt D is tearing up HJC (in a good way). I believe he'll get more than a few chances at the COTY.

Felix said...

On Matt's design for the Coyotes...
Very nicely done concept. I can only suggest that: 1. a stripe on the pens is lacking that southwest element from the other stripes. 2.I would like to see a flag colors on a logo which are gold and red to break away a bit boring color pattern. 3. perhaps, place a southwest element in a numbers , too. I don't like that shoulder logo - as the coyote looks very much like a fox - just simply leave a shape of the state. I live in Phoenix and we love the Coyotes and this is the best Coyotes jersey I've seen , so far!!! I would personally purchase this jersey in size 56, if Matt can make it for me and authentic ofcourse.

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