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By Request: Return of the Sharks

Committee members can continue to email in their vote for COTW. That goes until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Committee members can also continue to email in their "Top 3" votes for the Ice Caps ReDesign. Votes are accepted until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST for that one. Remember the new voting procedure for ReDesigns. Check out the HJC VOTING COMMITTEE page if you missed those details.

Get in on the discussion over at HJC's Facebook page. I'm looking for ideas for the next Competition/ReDesign.

All the teams have been set for HJC's Fantasy Hockey League.For those in the league, I'd like to gather an emailing list, so if all teams could send me an email just letting me know who you are, what team you are running, and what email address I should use to contact you. Tentatively, the draft is set for this Saturday at 8:30pm EST. You can also email me, when (this weekend) are some times when you are available to be a part of the draft.

As you can see above, the Fantasy League logo is...well, terrible. Anyone who wants to create the logo for our league, please feel free to do so and email it in! You're also allowed to call the league by any name you want.


Florida Panthers concepts (by Evan L.)
New York Islanders concept (by WinnipegJets96)

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Cody)Cody has used "my" modified KC logo for his concepts. I'm not digging these because I don't like how the striping doesn't match anywhere on the jerseys. Also, the collar on the blue jersey is red on the left-front side, blue on the right-front side and yellow on the back. A little consistency along with the others things that are usually missing would help this concept a lot.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Stephen)The blue and green jerseys are okay, but the vintage logo doesn't show up too well. Maybe an outline of some sort would help it? I really like the yellow jersey though! Finally, unless the Canucks got a new player the NOB should read KESLER not KESLTER.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Kris)This is a solid fix for the Avs. Kris returns the pre-Edge jerseys and adds hem stripes to the blue alternate. He has also replaced the wordmark with the primary logo.

Team USA concepts (by Arthur)Again, I love that Arthur has included the practice jerseys! The home and roads are really nice, especially with that print on the back from the 2010 Olympics. The home and road alternates are solid fauxbacks as well.

Dinamo Riga concepts (by Jose)I don't get too many KHL concepts, but I love it when they do come in. This one is for the league's only Latvian team, Dinamo Riga. I think for a KHL jersey this fits perfectly into the league! The skyline is a great touch and would frame the sponsor, that would be placed at the hem, quite well.

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Stéphane)We saw these yesterday, but Stéphane read some of the comments and has provided us with the full body models and has made an alteration to the logo (removed the hockey stick from the mouth). This has already been nominated for COTW, so no need to do it again.
By Request: Return of the Sharks Reviewed by Ryan on September 27, 2011 Rating: 5


jets96 said...

Jose for cotw!! awesome jersey

Kevin said...

FINALLY someone with a Dinamo Riga post! COTW!!

Ricky said...

When I was catching up on HJC news, I heard nothing of the HJC's Fantasy Hockey League. Can some one please explain?

cody said...

@Ricky you have to have a yahoo! acount. plus if u sent ryan a email earluier you would've made it in time. plus the KHL jersey for COTW!

Andre said...

LOVE the Canucks' yellow jerseys with the Stick 'n Rink. I knew a concept like that would look that good.
One critique: make the red lighter.

One suggestion: don't invert the colours in the Stick logo on the blacks.

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