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A "Big Boned" Thursday Post

Yesterday, too many things came up, none of which included any significant time playing NHL 12...it's true! I will try to make it up to you today with a large post!

After seeing the pics from Florida's rookie camp I realize, a little more, how lucky we are here in Toronto, that our rookie camp is in a 6,000 seat arena. The Panthers were having theirs in what looked like a community centre, playing in front of about 30 people. The rookie camp also gave us a look at the Panthers' new modified road jersey. Here is the blank template (click & save).
This and other templates can be found HERE. More also available on the TEMPLATES page.

Here's some quick pics from the Leafs vs Penguins rookie game from Sunday. You may not care, but at least it's some hockey to get you back into it. It really makes me feel like hockey is back soon!

Today is the last day for Committee members to vote for the COTW!

I have noticed that not a lot of NCAA Competition votes are coming in. If you have yet to vote, please do so. Or else we may have 5 concepts tied in the lead with one vote each.

Some of you may have read last week on this blog that I will be operating the Dallas Outlaws of the IceHL (Icethetics Fantasy League). You can follow the team on Twitter (@DALOutlawsIceHL). The draft is taking place on Monday, September 26 and for the occasion I drew up a concept draft hat for the team.

Dallas Outlaws draft hat concept (by HJC)
What I need now is jerseys! That is where you guys can come in. Design a home an road jersey for the team. Send them in and then I will choose my favourites. Those favourites will be placed in the vote (everyone can vote) and the winner will be the team's 2011-12 jerseys! Entries will be accepted up until Tuesday, September 20 @ 11:59pm EST. Here are the team logos. Click on the image then save.Do not make your own logos as these are the logos that MUST be used. I will make a contest page after I post today's concepts.

Here are some Lokomotiv tributes that came in.

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl tribute (by Matt D.)
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl tribute (by Cody)
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl tribute (by Kevin)


Edmonton Oilers concept (by Kris)

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Cody)

Baltimore Blackjacks alterations (by Felix)
Felix altered my Blackjacks concept. He added a nose, ear, and 21 to the logo. He also adjusted the eyes and nose to be made out of a spade. I might be biased, but I think mine was better.

Merimack College concepts (by MasonII)
Mason wanted to do this college for the NCAA contest, but they do not appear on the Sportslogos.net pages. I like the MC as the main logo, but the rest of the concept is a little plain for me.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Kenny)
Kenny saw a purple Kings concept on this site a week or so ago by Jets96 and just wanted to make some adjustments. I told him that this looks pretty good for a first timer. Just his logos need to be smaller and the script needs to be arched at the hem with the stripe.

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Cody)
Cody used an Atlanta Chiefs logo from the old North American Soccer League to create these concepts. The concepts are classic and simple, but I don't understand why these can't just be referred to as Atlanta Chiefs hockey jerseys? Maybe if there was a KC patch somewhere or some reference to Kansas City, that would help.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Kris)
I like the direction that this set takes. I think the green might be too vibrant. Maybe I would have liked the unused green from 2007 better?

Anaheim Mighty Ducks concept (by John B.)
John places the classic duck mask logo on the infamous Wild Wing jersey. I'm okay with this except for the ANAHEIM script on the hem stripe.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Stephen)
If the Oilers want to keep the copper in their 3rd jerseys, a design similar to this wouldn't be too bad. I would just get rid of that vertical piping. Only 2 out of 5 teams still using vertical piping use it in a nice looking way (Nashville & St. Louis).

Team Sweden concepts (by Arthur)
The home and road sweaters they pretty much wear anyways, at the World Championships at least. The two alternates are good alternates for the classic looking Swedish team. The only thing I might change is to use yellow numbers on the blue alternate.

Cornell University concepts (by Arthur)
This was Arthur's 2nd choice to enter in the NCAA contest, but only one per person was allowed. Now we get to see it here! He applies the Red Wings sweaters quite well to the Nike jersey cut. Also, the red alternate is a good, obvious choice.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Matt M.)
Here's a Flyers jersey with a different style script on the front. I like it, but I don't know if it is strong enough to be a main crest. The rest of the jersey is top notch. I also love how clean Matt's presentation always is! Matt is one of those guys that ALWAYS sends in clean concepts. For anyone who thinks they may be lacking in their presentation, take a look at the concept above and try to model yours after it.

Now, back to NHL 12!!! If you want to play me on xBox 360, my gamertag is due23. Just sent me a friend request and say you read HJC.
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MMcG said...

Pretty hard to do better than what Merrimack already wears for their jerseys. They have some pretty sharp jerseys IMHO.

Tex said...

Did you go to the game vs the Pebs? I begged my mom to go, I am so desperate for hockey, hopefully My football teams will do better and make the wait easier.

Ryan said...

Yeah it was Leafs v Pens...in Oshawa, Onatrio. Pens scored 13 seconds into the game, but that was it. Leafs rookies beat them 4-1.

Tex said...

I actually listened to it from the Pens app.

Felix said...

To Ryan, thank you for posting Baltimore Blackjacks concept for a second time with an addition of my point of view on your existing logo. I wasn't trying in any way to alter your logo, it gave me an inspiration to did what you described in your message in here and thank you for your kind words.
I'll send to you my other inspirations for " Sabres"," Blues "," Flames " and " Penguins " in my next e-mail to you. I really appreciate a ribbon for " Lokomotiv " Jaroslavl' that you posted today the only suggestion for that concept is that colors on a russian flag are white, blue, red , so, there are not mistaken with a french flag.
I'm a logo person - always was, always will be. When I got my inspiration- the next thing is me drawing right away and then sharing with people like you, Ryan.
I'll continue to send more ideas.

Anonymous said...

I think I like the jade better than the unused green on my Ducks jerseys. Also, Arthur's Sweden for COTW

Felix said...

Matt's Flyers script concept would look better and stronger if he could add the current Flyers wings at both ends. Also, I would love to see him connect letters " F " and " l " as the whole script is done. The white color for the number and name doesn' look right for the Flyers. With all the changes that I described above - this could be a great 3 rd jersey and I would give my COTW then...

Felix said...

Sorry,Ryan, with all the respect my Blackjack logo concept looks sharper, better and more creative.
Its just asking to be placed on a casino green color to be a main color of the jersey and then add three other elements from cards along the stripes to have a cool Baltimore Blackjack concept. I do not like that Budweiser " B " on a 3 rd jersey at all. I do have an idea for the 3 rd: two interlocking " B's " with card symbols instead of the inner holes that shapes a hockey net. Also, I think your current HJC logo could be upgrated to look more hockeywise- that might boost some sales on eBay for the t-shirts - don't you think ?

Ryan said...

@Felix: No, I like the HJC logo. It's simple and straightforward, just like the blog.

I also prefer my Blackjacks concept as it focuses more on a type of person (see former pro-wrestling tag team "The Blackjacks") rather than the card game.

geoff said...

I love the Flyers jersey. Hope to see something innovative for their Winter Classic jersey similar to this instead of some retro jersey

Normally I love all concepts Kansas City related. Im sorry though but that retro logo from another team just wouldnt work if the Scouts were still around and using retro themed jersey. The striping is a lot different than what I have seen for other scouts concepts. Maybe add some yellow to it? I just think that if they were still around that the logo would still look somewhat similar to what was originally used since that is actually a statue here in Kansas City. The only thing I can think of is maybe instead of the logo being white and blue that they might have gone with some colors to make it look like the horse and scout were lifelike? That and maybe the KC part to the logo would be a different font. Now if only someone would bring a team here so we could actually find out

cody said...

to goeff thanks for the critisism. i thought yellow would be too m,uch colour on the set. plus the old logo is kinda tacky. i thought about using a shoulder patch with kc on it. but i coukldn't find a good version of the kc logo.

cody said...

by the way ryan im sorry too tell you this but felix's logo is better but your jersey set is better than his.

Felix said...

Cody, I believe his name was Geoff not Goeff, by the way... I do like to see on your concept of Kansas City Scouts a logo patch being done by interlocking three capital letters : " K ", " C " , " S " and can be done easy peasy with a lit of bit of imagination. Even if you placed diagonally it still be cool.
Sorry for putting my 5 cents into this- just trying to help you out.

Felix said...

Cody, when Ryan posted HIS Baltimore Blackjacks concept he didn't say it right in his explanation and he titled wrong , too. I didn't altered his concept at all- what I've done is is just pasting my idea of his logo over his logo in his concept. And I didn't touch his jerseys set at all- left all the way it was. Thank you a bunch for liking my idea of his( Ryan's ) logo. I do wish you all the best on your Kansas City Scouts concept and you can still continue to develope your current concept even further around the former NASL logo. I do not think that you're finished with all that. Thank you again, Cody.

geoff said...

to cody. Yeah I can understand that the yellow might have been too much but their original colors are based on blue and white for the Kansas City Royals and Red and Yellow for the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams still use those colors. The Royals currently use a powder blue so possibly if the Scouts were around they would maybe use a little powder blue in their uniforms. No telling if they would have beat the Penguins to start using that color.

I agree the Scouts logo does kind of look dated. Maybe they would just be using the statue part without the circle now or done something to make it look more aggressive.

Would like to see what kind of ideas you might be able to come up with for an alternate jersey for the Scouts!

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