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Week of August 15-21, 2011

Oh God, please bring back hockey!!!! I'm at that point right now! I need hockey. We're about a month away from training camps getting underway, at least. I guess these are the dog days of summer...for a hockey fan.

Now, for what you are all here for...the Weekly Poll results! Right? No? Ah well, here they are anyways. The most popular in-game snack amongst HJC readers is a pizza slice. I'd have to agree with the readers as I always get a slice (peperoni & mushrooms) when I go the Leaf games.Pizza finished with 26%. The other snacks weren't that far off the pace as nachos had 22%, big pretzels had 21%, and hot dogs had 16%. The trailers were popcorn with 11% and peanuts with 2%.

This week's poll will determine the next HJC contest! Your choices are on the right side of the page and the poll will run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. The Weekly Poll's are the only polls that will remain in their current format. All other votes will be conducted by the HJC Voting Committee.

Over the weekend I got a couple of emails from people wanting to be in the Committee. I haven't responded to them yet, but if that was you then you are in the committee.

Here are the stragglers from last week's IIHF Concept Week.

Team Russia concepts (by Felix P.)
Team USA concept (by Tex)
Team Germany concepts (by Michael N.)

That concludes the IIHF Concept Week. Now here are my top 3 IIHF concepts from last week, with #1 going into the COTW vote.

#3 Michael N.
#2 Danny C.
#1 Eric W.
Seeing as Eric's concept was nominated into the COTW vote already, the 2nd place winner will become the IIHF Concept Week winner and also move into the COTW vote. Congrats Danny.

The complete COTW nominees can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. The Voting Committee has until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST to cast their votes.


All Star Game concepts (by Cody)
Toronto Maple Leafs logo alteration (by Felix P.)
Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Tyler C.)Love the logo used by Tyler. Apparently that's what we'll see when the Leafs use their 1967 jerseys as an alternate this season. I'd make the sleeve and hem stripes thicker. Also, that font belongs to the Kings and I say let them have it.

Toronto Marlies concept (by Ryan)The Marlies can be a really good outlet for Maple Leafs style specialty jerseys. Jerseys you could never get away with having the Leafs wear, but because the Marlies don't really have too much heritage (they were a junior team in the 50's, 60's and 70's) you could try some different designs with their jerseys.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Arthur)I like how Arthur has kept it simple with these concepts. I'm also surprised that I like the yoke outline. Not a fan of numbers on the front of jerseys for the Leafs...ever.

St. John's Ice Caps concept (by Evan)I'd like to see the arm stripes match the pattern of the shoulder yokes on this jersey. Also, as it is an AHL concept, the NHL logo on the neck insert is not needed. A more distinct and bolder number font would do a lot for this concept.

St. John's Ice Caps concepts (by Brady)I really like all of these, even the old Leafs numbering that has been used! I guess my only objection would be the wheat armpits on the 3rd jersey.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Arthur)I personally only like the white jersey. I really like the shoulder yoke and I find the striping on the sides of the jersey looks pretty cool. It's something different from what we've seen in the NHL too.
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ArthurD said...

Its just the dog days of summer in general. It's hit at least 100 every day but two since July 2nd here in Austin.

michaelnedrow said...


Yeah, I'm in Dallas it's crazy we had 40 straight days over 100, then a rainstorm, and now 6 more days over 100

sam said...

haha thats y i live in canada

ArthurD said...

It almost rained yesterday. Nice to know this summer has actually hit a point that the weather is an actual viable topic of conversation. God hockey would be nice right about now. I went and got on the ice last week at a local rink and it felt/looked more like an unfrozen pond rather than actual ice.

Anonymous said...

At least i keep busy in the offseason playing/watching baseball

michaelnedrow said...

I wish we could play sports outside. I play club soccer and we had our first 5 games cancelled due to the heat.

Brandon said...

Sorry to not talk about the weather here but wow! I think this week has the most COTW nominees in a LONG time! And many good options! vote for me committee! Lol

Ricky said...

Brady and Evan both did a great job with their Ice Caps concepts! It's good to see a major tenant at the Mile One Centre again.

Anonymous said...

codys for COTW!

The Gamer said...

Evan is from my ET42 concept studio, he should have mentioned that. (Great concept by the way!!)

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