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Week of August 1-7, 2011

The winner of the CHL ReDesign was Glen with his Medicine Hat Tigers concept!Results for the CHL Final vote can be seen below.With the win Glen's concept moves directly into this week's COTW vote!

Speaking of which, you can see the COTW nominees on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Voting is on the left side of the page and runs until 11:59pm EST on Thursday. Last week there were only 3 nominations...all week! Was it a case of bad concepts or were people just not stopping by HJC?

The Weekly Poll results are in and 55% of you would like to see the next NHL team in Quebec City. Quebec crushed the competition, as Seattle was a distant 2nd with 17%. The results can be seen below.This won't sound anything but biased however, I personally believe that a 2nd team in Toronto would be the most profitable for the NHL. We have a butt-load of money and fans standing by.

This week's poll may be a little odd but, I am asking when do you finally admit to yourself that it is off-season. Being a hockey fanatic, it usually doesn't hit me until now that there's really no hockey anywhere. The poll is on the right side of the page and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Thanks to Brad for the inspiration for this week's poll question.

HJC Open brackets were set over the weekend. Concepts have already started rolling in. A reminder to those who are in the tournament, if you are seeded 9 to 23, your concept is due tomorrow by 7:00pm EST. Seeds 1-8, yours are due before 7:00pm EST on Wednesday. To see the entries go to the HJC OPEN page and click on the link.


New Jersey Devils concept (by Cody)
Buffalo Sabres concept (by Chuckie9131)
Colorado Rockies concept (by Martin)
Toronto Maple Leafs logo alteration (by Felix)Felix says he's reminded of some great Leafs goalies when he looks at the logo. Thus, he has applied his memories to the Leafs' logo.

Boston Bruins concept (by WinnipegJets96)I could see this working after some changes. I'd make the grey on the sleeves black. I'd use a different font on the back, maybe something more bolder. It's up to the artist but, I suggest that people don't leave the TM or R on the logo. When you put it on the jersey it just looks like lost pixels.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Paul Z.)I like all of these. Really good font choice for the white and black jerseys. The yellow "Winnie the Pooh" jersey actually looks really good. The fauxback is solid also.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Lachlan)Lachlan has changed the home and road to more closely resemble the jerseys of the 70's. He also wants to use the Winter Classic jersey, with retro shoulder patches, as an alternate.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Ryan)I wanted the simplicity of the Flames' retro jerseys but, with the current colour scheme and logos.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Lachlan)Personally, I think there's too much black on these. The jerseys almost look burnt.

Calgary Flames concept (by Mason H.)Obviously a very unique print on Mason's jersey. This seems like a mid-90's appropriate alternate. You can actually buy a very similar jersey from Athletic Knit.

Calgary Flames concept (by Mark)Mark Edge'd the Flames' mid-90's road jersey. He then adapted it to their current template. Really nice job.

Nashville Predators concept (by Mason H.)This is a great option as a 3rd jersey for the Predators! I love how Mason has brought back the checkerboard pattern in the sleeves, at the hem, and in the neck insert. This gets a COTW nomination from me.
Week of August 1-7, 2011 Reviewed by Ryan on August 01, 2011 Rating: 5


Connor Hanley said...

Masons 90's flames for cotw

cody said...

nashville pred concepts by mason h. gets nom from me!

Ricky said...

I woulda voted for Glen's Tigers concept, but he used the ugly and retro looking logo MH currently uses. If he made his own logo, I would definately COTW it.

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