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Hockey season just can't get here quick enough. I don't know how it will be for your team, but the Leafs report to camp for medicals on Friday, September 16th. Then, their first pre season game is on the 19th against the Sens. I can't take it anymore, I need my hockey!!!

In another last ditch attempt to sell some HJC shirts, the price has again been lowered. Price of the shirt is now $10 ($15 for Canadian shipping, $12 to the US). Click the banner on the right to purchase. No credit card? Shoot me an email an we can work something out. Too bad this couldn't really get going. I also understand that I may have missed the price point with the original $25 price. Maybe if HJC gets more popular in the future we can do HJC hoodies or something?

Over on the HJC Facebook page, I asked the question on Monday, what should be the next ReDesign? The leading candidate right now is a NCAA competition. Head on over and leave your two cents.


Buffalo Sabres concept (by Mason II)
Hartford Whalers concepts (by Cody)
Kitchener Rangers concept (by Alan)

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Kevin)Kevin puts together a combination of the new black and silver jersey set, the old purple and gold retro jersey, and the former black and purple home and away sweaters. What came out were these. He has an interesting idea where there are two home sweaters instead of an alternate. I like them, but I also like the Kings in black and silver. I guess I'm good either way.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Mason H.)Mason offers up this concept as an alternate jersey. He attempts to keep the purple in the Kings' colour scheme with this version of the new jersey set. I like this idea I just think the sweater is a little dark. Maybe you could solve that by switching the black and the silver?

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Ryan)This obviously isn't what the Jets are going to wear, but I saw a picture somewhere of a similar jersey pattern and that inspired me to create this concept for the Jets. I wanted to use some kind of cuff at the sleeve and I tried everything, but nothing seemed to fit well.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Avi)Avi makes minor alterations to the shoulders of the home and road sweaters. The change comes with the throwback (84-87) jersey. It's not a complete throwback though, as the original, lighter blue is used.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Matt D.)Matt has made a new Leafs logo for his concepts. My opinion is most likely too biased, but I'm not a fan. It looks a little too "cartoonish" for the Maple Leafs. Maybe we can get some unbiased opinions also. I do love the heritage jersey though. Also, if others prefer the white jersey with the yoke to the straight white jersey, then I'm okay with that switch also.

A reminder for those that are voting in the AHL contest, when you send in your vote be sure to include both the entrant's name and their team. Thanks.

Also, to those that emailed me about being on an NHL 12 EASHL team (xBox360), I accidentally deleted your emails. Could you please email me again and this time I will write down your names!
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Brandon said...

I'm wondering why on Mason's Sabres jersey, the sleeves stripes are BYB but the hem is YBY

Anonymous said...

@Brandon: That's because the sabres have normally had the stripes on the white jersey that way.

Brandon said...

I hope I'm not the only person that never noticed that but I also do not like it

Anonymous said...

Avi's Blues for COTW

Tex said...

I noticed, and I think, in most cases, striping should
be consistent.

AJH said...

Kevin's LA Kings Concept got my vote for the COTW.

Stephan said...

cody for cotw

Brandon said...

Just curios of anybody's opinion:
Do you think the new Jets could retire Keith Tkachuk's #7 or honor it anyway? He played for the old Jets wearing #7 BUT he also played for the Thrashers wearing #8.I think this is an interesting thought

ArthurD said...

They'd be better off retiring #8 if they do either, but I don't think his number is worthy of retiring by the organization since he only played 18 games with the Thrashers. Don't forget the old Jets are still in Phoenix.

ArthurD said...

May be the same city and same name, but its a totally different team with a totally different past.

Brandon said...

I know its a totally different team but I was just thinking certain people might want it for a nostalgia factor for "The Winnipeg Jets" rathers than jets/coyotes or thrashers/jets

Anonymous said...

cody for Cotw

cody said...

Ryan i sent in a blue alt for my whalers as well a few days afterwards. did u get them?

Ryan said...

@Cody: Yeah I got it. It's not its turn yet.

Cody, why does your friend "brian" always think your concepts are the best? Then he proceeds to nominate them for COTW. Does he really think every concept you do is better than anyone else's, EVER?

ArthurD said...

@ Brandon, as much as I see where you're coming from, I don't see the NHL or the Jets allowing it to happen. I think that retiring a number is a big deal to both the league and a team, and Tkachuk simply didn't play long enough with this team to make it happen. I'll always see him as a Blues player first, then Jets/Yotes.

Brandon said...

@Arthur I definitely see Big Walt as a Blues player first too (the Blues have always been my team) but I just thought of that idea today when I saw some knockoff new Jets jerseys with Selanne and Hawerchuck on the back and realized that Tkachuk has a connection to both Jets franchises

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