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Scott's ECHL Edge-ification: Part 5

Today marks the final installment of Scott's ECHL Edge-ification. We conclude with 5 of the best jerseys from the series. These will be in QUICK HITS format due to the fact that today's post has a lot of quality concepts to get to.

Florida Everblades concepts (by Scott)
Greenville Road Warriors concepts (by Scott)
Gwinnett Gladiators concepts (by Scott)
South Carolina Stingrays concepts (by Scott)

Toronto Maple Leafs logo (by Felix)I like the effort that Felix put into this, but in the end it is just one Leafs logo inside another with the CN tower pasted on top.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Kris)With the Moose vacating the MTS Centre for the Jets and heading east, the AHL lost a quality brand. Kris wants to revive that brand in the form of a junior team in the WHL. Nice job on the new 3rd also!

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Arthur)Arthur has only made small changes with the number and collar on the home jersey. The bigger changes come on the white jersey with thicker stripes, orange numbers, and a new yoke. I like the thicker stripes, but I'd also like to see them at the hem.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Caleb)Caleb places the Oilers in baby blue for his concepts. These aren't my favourite, but an orange 3rd jersey using baby blue I'd be open to.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Lachlan)Lachlan tells Reebok to shove it by placing the Stars in their old pre-Edge sweaters. He also goes ahead and uses the previously unused gold 3rd jersey.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Sam N.)Sam limits the amount of red used to just the logo. He has also used the classic striping on the arms from the '04 All Star Game. I like this concept.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Arthur)I'm not of fan of Arthur's simplification of the home jersey. I like the wheat coloured jersey except for the yellow trim.

Bloomington Prairie Thunder concept (by Ryan)This is a former CeHL team. Which is unfortunate because I thought they had one of the best logos in the league (which doesn't take much to be). I tried to make a design that matched the sharp edges of the logo.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Spirit104)If you removed the blue dashes on the chest on the red jersey, I think that would be an awesome home sweater for the Panthers. I'd also make the yokes red on the road white jersey. Finally, I'd use a standard block font or something different rather than the Ducks' font. Those are just minor changes, I still give this a COTW nom.

Voting Committee members, don't forget to vote for COTW and the HJC Open Semi-finals, if you haven't already.
Scott's ECHL Edge-ification: Part 5 Reviewed by Ryan on August 17, 2011 Rating: 5


AJH said...

Kris Manitoba Moose Concept for COTW!

ArthurD said...

someone had too much winning ^ can we nominate that for COTW (Comment of the week)? hahaha

ArthurD said...

And as a stars fan, I've gotta nominate Lachlan's stars jerseys for actual COTW

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