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Scott's ECHL Edge-ification: Part 4

I'll start with the Voting Committee today. As you've all seen, some people have tried to mess around with the integrity of the voting process here at HJC. Now, I'm a pretty laid back guy but, I've tried a couple different things in regards to the way we vote. There's just no way of getting around this, a Voting Committee needs to be formed. These people will vote on COTW, COTY and competition votes. Weekly Polls will remain as they are.

If you would like to be a part of the Voting Committee please read the following, check out the HJC VOTING COMMITTEE page, and then send me an email indicating your interest. Please also check out the HJC OPEN page and send in your votes for each of the 4 match-ups.

I always respond to emails I get, just to let people know that I got their email. With the committee, there just isn't enough time to respond to all of the voting emails. So, to vote from now on you will need to send in an email with your vote on it (if you're in the committee). It is your job to make sure you have voted properly. Any invalid votes will just be discarded.

This committee will not be hard to get in to. If you've sent me some concepts before then you will most likely be in. If you don't get into the committee, don't take it personally. You just haven't been established as a regular...yet. For those who don't get in, try again in a month or so, after you have established yourself more.

I will post the full rules and obligations of the committee later today.

Scott's ECHL Edge-ification

Ontario Reign concepts (by Scott)Scott went with the 2010 All-Star skills competition jerseys that the Reign used.

Bakersfield Condors concepts (by Scott)Here's the team that hosted the 2011 All-Star Game.

Stockton Thunder concepts (by Scott)These are actually a cleaner version of what the Thunder wear now!

Las Vegas Wranglers concepts (by Scott)Scott has done a pretty good job adding some life to the Wranglers' dull jerseys.


Washington Capitals concepts (by Martin)
Los Angeles Kings concept (by WinnipegJets96)
Team Norway concept (by Andrew B.)This is a little too basic for me, I would have liked to of seen some red. Yet, Andrew really nailed the idea of this concept week by sending in a concept for the country of his background. His last name is or Norwegian descent.

Team USA concepts (by Mike A.)
I really like the design of the jersey! What kills it is the old eagle logo. I like that logo but, I really think the current wordmark would have been more appropriate.

Team Quebec concept (by Stéphane)
I'm not going to start any debate that has no place on HJC. I'll just say that this jersey sort of reminds me of a soccer kit. I'd personally want to see some stripes, possibly done in the darker shade of blue.

Team Canada concepts (by Eric W.)
These are awesome and seem to be loosely based on the 1972 Summit Series jerseys. I got to tell you IIHF jersey submitters, THIS is the concept to beat right now!
Scott's ECHL Edge-ification: Part 4 Reviewed by Ryan on August 10, 2011 Rating: 5


Brad said...

re stephane's Quebec.
it is so hard to stay modern without touching on soccer design. It is the high profile in sport in regards to 'fashion'.

ArthurD said...

Eric W. for COTW, those are sick

Ryan said...

@Arthur: If someone 2nd's your nom and Eric doesn't win my Best Of IIHF award, then yes, he'll be in the COTW.

Michael said...

Ryan, I actually did make 2 other USA Concepts with the 2 more recent logos used but i personally thought the old eagle looked best, but i can see what your saying...let me know if you want them aswell.

michaelnedrow said...

I'll second Eric's nomination. He's really good at National team jerseys. The ones from olympics, posted on icethetics or puckdrawn, were some of my favs.

Andrew said...

Great day of Concepts! These are sweet! @Ryan I do understand what your saying, but I personally think Norway dosen't need any special stuff on their jerseys. It is a simple country, and that was what I was going for. I like having no read on their jerseys because of the Logo. I do believe this is my best work on HJC, and I'm proud.

Stéphane from Quebec said...

I admit, my Québec concept is pretty close to Montreal's soccer club, the Impact... But it was for the fun, I didn't spend a lot of time on it. And I hate that Nike template/jersey...

Anonymous said...

The only change I would have made to Eric's Team Canada set is use black instead of grey on the third. Next year is the 40th anniversary of the Summit Series. Maybe they will wear something like that.

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