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No Theme For A Tuesday Post

COTW and AHL Create-A-Team voting is still ongoing. Check out the respective pages for all the entries and send in your vote, if you're on the Committee.


Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Sam O.)
Minnesota Wild concept (by Mason II)
Florida Panthers concept (by Dylan)

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Martin)I enjoy the simplicity of the blue jersey on the top. I like the grey jersey, but without the blue yokes. After that, nothing really catches my eye. I think I'd like a more "sports" looking font on the back. TV numbers (sleeve numbers) would help improve this. That goes for everyone, it shows others that you have put time into your concepts.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Mason H.)Even though we are 6 months removed from the game, better concepts for a Canadiens Heritage Classic jersey still come in. If the NHL were to make an exception to the rule that at least one team has to wear white, the outdoor games would be the place to do it.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Kris)Kris altered the unused Nordiques logos to make these concepts. I really like them except for the yoke. I think removing the yoke would make these jerseys look even better. The retro jersey, as always, looks great on the Edge cut.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Ryan)Simply, I took the 1967 jersey (with some adjustments) and applied the Pens' current colours and "Robo-Penguin".

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Mason H.)Ok, usually I like Mason's work, but this one I just can't like, sorry Mason. However, if there was to be an ugly jersey it might as well be the black, red and yellow of the Canucks (think early 80's).

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brian)This one is based off of the Blues' inaugural 1967 white jersey. I think this is great as a Winter Classic option. I also really love the classic collar that Brian has used! I give this one a COTW nomination.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Matt D.)Following Matt's extremely popular Wild concepts from yesterday, today comes the Tampa Bay Lightning! I really like this concept. I think it does a nice job of using the new elements and bringing back the old elements that Bolts fans want. The only thing I don't like is the alteration of the shoulder patch. I like it as it is, without the state of Florida in it.
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spirit104 said...

Matts lightning concept for COTW

Tommy G. said...

THANK YOU MATT FOR ADDING VICTORY STRIPES!!!!!!! this has been my biggest annoyance with the new jerseys. Not to mention you took the logos and realy made them pop and give some personality. The lightning have never had simple jerseys and this set really does justice. Only problem is the pants dont match all that well (except for the alt they match perfectly). Maybe making the bolt blue or adding some blue to the pants will help them match.
All in all, this get my nominee for Concept of the Week

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