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Yeah, I saw Icethetics' leak of the Sens jersey. I'll get to it at the end of this post.

Lower seeds in the HJC Open (12th, 19th, 20th, and 21st) have just over 4 hours (7:00pm EST deadline) to get in their concepts for the first round. To see some match-ups and the concepts that have come in already, go to the HJC OPEN page.


Lahti Pelicans concepts SM-Liiga (by Cody)
Washington Capitals concept (by Chuckie9131)
Dynamo Berlin concept (by Martin)
Toronto Maple Leafs logo concept (by Felix)
CCCP concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 has given the former Soviet Union an NHL team. You think the Canucks complain about travel, just wait until you hear these guys!

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Paul Z.)I love the orange in the Sharks colour scheme but, only as a trim. I really like the striping on all of these jerseys and a grey alternate gets me almost every time. I'm just wondering why Joe Thornton changes his number when the Sharks wear that grey jersey?

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Mark)Mark takes a big can of gasoline and pours it on the fire that is the Penguins-Flyers rivalry. Flyers fans are free to chirp Mark in the comments!

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Lachlan)We've seen the home and road before, Lachlan just switches the direction of the stripes to match that of the 90's jerseys. Absolutely nothing wrong with these.

Laredo Bucks concept (by Michael N.)This is the Central Hockey League's Bucks. Michael originally started this for the CHL ReDesign. Unfortunately, for him, he started redesigning the wrong CHL. If there was a Central League comp, this one would be a solid contender.

Victoriaville Tigres concept (by Tex)Tex started this for the CHL comp. He couldn't get a whole set together so, he sent this in as a regular concept. It's good except now it looks like a Predators jersey. I guess CHL teams do that a lot anyways (use modified NHL templates).

Minnesota Wild concept (by Mason)Mason goes the other way around and has an NHL team use a WHL template. Appropriately, he uses the Everett Silvertips jersey and converts it to a Minnesota Wild jersey. I really like the use of brown here.

Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Brad)Brad has been on a roll this summer, racking up numerous COTW wins. He goes for it again with these Oilers concepts. I really love the road white as it uses the piping really well and maintains a newer yet, classic look. The blue doesn't rock me as much. The same things I like about the white sweater, I don't like about the blue sweater.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Tex)Tex won COTW with this concept back at the beginning of February. In March we got the teaser image from the Sens. Today, Icethetics gave us a black and white look at the new heritage jersey that the Sens will be using in the 2011-12 season. Pretty damn close Tex!

I never intentionally want to but, I give the Sens credit for creating a great looking hockey jersey. Even though recently I've fallen out of love with the stripes across the chest, I like them here. Maybe it's because that's what we were expecting? Hopefully the jersey uses white and not the "vintage white" that Icethetics reports will be used. This jersey will sell well, not just in Ottawa. Almost every time someone created a concept of what they'd like to see the Sens wear, it was a version of this jersey.

From the image, it looks as though there may be some detail on the namebar. Maybe it's red or, maybe it just uses a noticeable outline. We also can't make out the detail on the shoulder patch too well but, my guess is that it just says "OTTAWA SENATORS". For all other jersey rumours and points of interest, check out the 11/12 JERSEY RUMOURS page.

After looking at the black and white image and the folded jersey image from March, this is what I see.
Ottawa Senators concept (by Ryan)
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Kevin said...

as a die-hard flyers fan and a die-hard penguin hater, i have nothing against mark for his effort. but he just committed blasphemy!

Anonymous said...

love codys concepts,man!

Brad said...

wow! tex even got mention @ icethetics! Props!!!

Anonymous said...

if you think about it, icethetics also said that the blackhawks are getting rid of their throwback black, red, and vintage white jersey this year so maybe this wont be so bad for ottawa

paul said...

The 89 is a typo sorry

michaelnedrow said...

I was just wondering is there faded white in the Toronto Maple Leafs logo? And if so, what does it represent

A blog for the REAL sports fan said...

Tex's Tigers concept gets cotw nomination from me

Jets96 said...

sorry i forgot to change my commenting name to my jersey tag

geoff said...

Wow those Sharks jerseys look amazing. Only change I would make is the fin logo being used on one of them.

After seeing that Bucks jersey I hope we get to see a Central Hockey League contest. Especially Missouri Mavericks. Would love to see what the talented people that post on here could come up with for them!

geoff said...

Just noticed the white SHarks jersey has the round fin logo at the bottom under the number. I like that touch. Wish teams would start putting a small logo of some sort somewhere on the back of the jerseys.

Ricky said...

Lachlan + Ducks concept = COTW nomination!

Dmitri said...

Central Hockey League re-design now especially looking at the jersey some teams have now

cody said...

Ryan, i tol you that my pelicans concepts were for a team in halifax,not the original team from the sm-liiga. i just used the logo,so why did you put it up as the original team?

Ryan said...

@Cody: I have 100 concepts in my inbox. I can't remember EVERYTHING. You want some info out there, put it on your image yourself. Does it really matter to anyone if Cody's Pelicans are from Finland or Halifax?

sam said...

i doesnt matter at all

michaelnedrow said...


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