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New York - New York!

Today's post will feature mostly teams from New York but first, we had a tie in COTW voting. Results are below.Glen and Kevin will now face-off in a ,just over, 24 hour playoff! Voting is on the left side of the page and will run until tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:59pm EST. That is also when Round 1 voting for the HJC Open will conclude.

In case you missed it yesterday, HJC ringer shirts are now on sale through eBay. Click the banner on the right side of the page to order one. I sent the first shipment out today. If you don't have an eBay account or a credit card and you want a shirt, send me an email and we'll try to work something out. If these shirts sell well I'll do another piece of merch. Right now I'm thinking HJC hoodie!


New York Americans concept (by Martin)
San Jose Sharks concepts (by Jonathan)
Florida Panthers concepts (by Arthur)I really like the look of the home jersey. I'd be willing to nominate it but, the road white loses me. Why does the design on the side of the road jersey not appear on the home sweater?

Notre Dame concepts (by Michael N.)Michael has added sleeve stripes onto the current sweaters of the Fighting Irish. He's also created a new green alternate jersey. I just took a quick look at some NCAA sweaters and after the Wolverines', Notre Dame has my favourites.

New York Rangers concept (by Matt W.)Matt created this concept for the Winter Classic. I've stated my piece on the Rangers using an Americans jersey before, so I won't do it again. I like that Matt has used oversized numbers on the back and went with stars instead of the player's name. It definitely gives it the "heritage" look.

Winnipeg Jets logo concept (by Alan)Here's Alan's new Jets logo. Looks good, I would just move the W in front of the maple leaf. After talking to some people, the new Jets logo has really grown on them. A lot of us logo nerds didn't like it at first but, it seems a lot of hockey fans and especially the people of Winnipeg, LOVE the logo.

New York Islanders concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 sent this in way before the leak happened yesterday. He uses (as the Islanders have) the Ducks' 3rd jersey template. At least Jets96 colours are better than the Isles' black concept! The rest though could be better. Numbers could have a little more jump to them, and I personally prefer the lighthouse as a shoulder patch.

New York Islanders concepts (by Arthur)Arthur straightens the arm stripes and brings back the lighthouse logo. I like the use of the two coloured collar and the use of that awesome wordmark on the 3rd jersey. The shoulder yoke I'd prefer to only be on the alternate and for the secondary patches to be more consistent. By both location and which logo is used.
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Tex said...

I don't like the commie flag on Martins Americans concept. Why not go with the real deal.

Anonymous said...

The only one that caught my eye is Michael's Notre Dame set. I'll give it a COTW nomination. Hey, why not an NCAA redesign contest?

ArthurD said...

I think an NCAA redesign contest would be awesome! And for the Islanders set (as well as Fla and Columbus before it), when it comes to team jerseys, I try to create something that could go well together, with visual cues going throughout them, while still creating two/three jerseys that still have an individual feel to them. Teams with matching sets (such as the Dallas Stars) just feel incredibly boring and uninspired in the Edge-age and I was just trying to give my concepts a bit more life and variations. Who says that patches or other design features have to be in the same place throughout a team set?

Ryan said...

@Arthur: I never intend to put anyone's concepts down. I just give my opinion on them. What I say isn't the final word. Hopefully others leave their thoughts in these comments sections.

ArthurD said...

@Ryan, I completely understand, and I've got pretty thick skin when it comes to criticisms anyways. I was just trying to explain why a lot of my designs home and away jerseys often times don't carry the same design elements over between them. I know that what I like and design won't be universally agreed upon. That's what makes these sites so neat is being able to look at everyone's differing takes on the same basic subject matter. If we all liked the same things, then where would the fun be in showing off our own interpretations? Please keep the commentary coming as always.

ArthurD said...

Also can you imagine how epic the scale of an NCAA redesign contest would be? There are soooo many team options to choose from!

michaelnedrow said...

Hey guys,

On the subject of NCAA Redesign, I know this may sound hypocritical (I think that's a word), but I just don't believe it's a good idea. The resources to design NCAA jersey's are extremely hard to find. For example, the reason there is a distortion on the green irish jersey is that after going through the TESS database and google images for hours I only found one example (they very first image, but the point still is valid) and that image was of a folded jersey. I had to take the E off the end of "Norte" and place it at the end of "Dame" all the while keeping the same angles in "Dame". Also, the D was half folded on; and that's why it's thinner in parts of the letter. And these problems where with one the most well known sports colleges in America, imagine if someone trys to do Minnesota-Dulth or another not as promient school.

Just my Two cents

Brad said...

Myself, I feel that a team is a brand like Pepsi or coke. the thing is, you need design consistancy. Many of my designs are humdrum and boring, but they go together as a pair. I try to use the logo as my cue to what the jersey should look like. As for patches and other unique identifiers; I like uniformity. Balance is an important element of art. As a whole, I want each team design to be unique, yet at the same time related to eachother. To achieve said balance.

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