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July's COTY Winner

The COTY-July vote has ended. That vote was the final concept vote that will be conducted in that style. All concept vote from this point forward will be voted on by the HJC Voting Committee. Check out the Committee's page if you haven't already. Anyways, July's winner is Connor and his Nashville Predators concepts!Check out the 2011 COTY page to see the winning entry.


Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by Stephen)
Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Tyler)

IIHF week is slowly wrapping up. I will post the final concepts and choose my winner on Monday. Until then, here are some more!

Team Russia concept (by WinnipegJets96)I like the white collar, the laces, and the Russian flag stripes. I don't think that black really suits them well. Here, this just looks like black for the sake of black.

Team Spain concept (by Danny C.)This is a really great concept! I really like the stripes on the shoulders and Spain's colour scheme work great with the design. The crest is the crest of Spain's national football club.

Team Canada concept (by Ryan)Obviously I can't choose myself as the winner, but I can contribute an IIHF concept. I tried to keep it simple and classic as I think a Team Canada jersey should be. However, I go slightly off the board with the leaf that bleeds into the arm stripe.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Brandon C.)Brandon takes the Kings back to the 80's with these retro concepts, Edge-ified.

All Star Game concept (by Tex)Tex also jumps back to the 80's to create this retro All Star Game concept. He does use the new NHL shield on his jersey though.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Arthur)I'm really enjoying that black jersey. I'd really like it if the Stars were mainly green and used a proper logo on their home and roads, then the black jersey could be their 3rd. I preferred the "star jersey" as a green jersey rather than black, as Arthur has done here.

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by Arthur)These are pretty good. I personally find it hard to do concepts for the Flyers because right now, I think they have the perfect jersey set.

New York Rangers concepts (by Arthur)Now for the Flyers' Winter Classic opponent. I like the dark blue jersey better as the Classic jersey. Anyone else find it weird that they haven't officially announced the game yet. I feel like something has gone wrong and they've needed to change something big. Maybe knockoff retailers guessed one of the jerseys correctly and they've had to change that. Or maybe they're negotiating with the NFL so that they can play the game on the 1st instead of the 2nd? Either way, usually we have an announcement by now and a date to look forward to a jersey release.
July's COTY Winner Reviewed by Ryan on August 13, 2011 Rating: 5


ArthurD said...

not sure what you're referring to on the orange jersey collar?

Ryan said...

You're right. I was going to post the wrong version and I forgot to delete that. I will do it now.

Jets96 said...

the reason why i used black for the team russia jersey was because i thought that using red, blue or white would ruin the flag arm stipes and shoulder yoke

Felix Puchinsky said...

To Jets 96... Not only that russians will never go with a black jersey - but why in a world you designed " ROSSIJA " in pink???
They might very well start a WWIII based on that, don't you think so?
I'll redo your concept in a different color for a jersey and send to Ryan.

Felix Puchinsky said...

Ryan, I really enjoy your concept for team Canada. It is very simple and classic design. A maple leaf that blends with an arm stripe is a great and unique idea - can you do a road jersey version in white, please?

Ryan said...

Felix, that's red outlined with blue, not pink.

anyoneofus said...

Arthur you did a jersey of my friends hockey team stars Aaa midget.

ArthurD said...

Which one? The white star or the all black?

anyoneofus said...

The black one, go look them up on google and you'll see how freakishly similar your jerseys are. Dallas stars AAA midget team.

Felix Puchinsky said...

This message for Arthur... I'm a die hard NYRangers fan and that is a team whoes jersey's shouldn't be change at all - same goes for Blackhawks,Red Wings,Maple Leafs,Canadiens,Bruins. Rangers jersey is perfect the way it is and there is no need for anything...
However, I like your attempt for a classic jersey in dark blue.
The friendly suggestions that I have for a winter classic jersey is to do something creative with their shield, connect that to the event. Perhaps, add a frost or icicles over the lettering or over the top of the shield and make the stripes on the botom part of the jersey and socks the same as you did on the arms. Also, make a shoulder yoke all dark with the same striping. After all the changes- your winter classic NYRangers jersey will win!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey ryan. ET42's Eric Thompson here, also Letsgoleafs42 on twitter. Sorry I didn't get to do those other IIHF concepts I was talking about. Unforseen circumtances forced me to stay somewhere without internet.

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