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IIHF & Toronto Franchise Concept

Lower seeds have until 7:00pm EST tonight to get their concepts in for the HJC Open.

Tomorrow I will start to discuss plans for a voting committee.

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Team Italy concepts (by Tommy G.)
Team USA concepts (by Arthur)
Team USA concept (by Sam N.)
Team USA concept (by Brady)
Team Sweden concepts (by Eric W.)

I've decided to expand the "contest" and say that you can send in concepts for any country, not just your own. I will still choose the best IIHF concept at the end of the week.

It may not be everyone's choice but, the most profitable place to put the next NHL franchise, in my opinion, is in Toronto. Maple Leafs tickets are impossible to come by for most. There's a whole market available craving an alternative to the Leafs. Thus, I introduce the Toronto Toros!

Logo removed at the request of CIBC

Yes, I named the team after the old WHA team. That's mainly due to my inability to draw a new logo. Plus, try and name a Toronto team with a name that is unique, and don't call them the Toronto Towers!

I altered the WHA logos a tiny bit. I placed a ring around the bull to create an alternate look. The wordmark is completely my creation.

To name the arena that the Toros would play in I thought of some of the biggest Canadian companies and chose the one that has yet to have naming rights to an NHL Arena. I had 4 name choices in mind; CIBC Place, CIBC Hockey Centre, CIBC Arena, and this...

Logo removed at the request of CIBC

The jerseys, like Toronto, needed to be clean and classic. The old Toros uniforms were about as classic as it gets with hockey sweaters. I didn't want to do the exact same thing. So, I added a couple extra trim lines and made the home sweater red instead of blue. Blue belongs to the alternate sweater. The home and road jerseys use the new collar style that Nashville now uses. I wanted to stay away from collar laces as I feel some teams are using them for no reason. I've also included the generic goalie mask in this set.

Here is a full body model of the home jersey...

Just like the Jets, one of the first ways to bring in substantial revenue is with your merchandise.Here are your basic Reebok shirts and hat that every team has. Also included is an official game puck.

The CIBC Centre needed a place to be built. In actuality, two locations are being thought of for a 2nd Toronto team. One is about 20 miles northeast of the Air Canada Centre. The other is a place called Downsview Park, which is the location I have chosen. Currently there is nothing there...Festival style concerts are usually held there during the summer months. A small airport is directly east of Downsview where typically, private planes land. Toronto's International airport is west of this location. Downsview is about a 25 minute drive north of the ACC and Toronto's city core. Our subway (TTC) runs north towards the park and has a station there. North America's busiest highway, highway 401, runs east-west with a turn-off also at Downsview Park.Above, you saw what Downsview looks like before construction of CIBC Centre. This is what it would look like after...Massive amounts of parking, along with bus stops and an underground tunnel (east side) which leads under the airport over to Downsview subway station. In the northwest corner you can see the Toronto Toros head offices. Next to that is the official Toronto Toros practice rink, which would also serve as a community rink when not in use by the team.

Below displays my lack of artistic talent quite well as I try to give you an idea of what the CIBC Centre would look like from the outside.The idea is for it to be a massive hockey palace with it's domed roof stretching high into the sky. It also stands on somewhat of a concrete platform where patrons have to walk up some steps to reach it. Windows run along the sides of the arena on the 100 and 400 levels. They display the bustle of fans inside.

Here is the seating plan of the 19,832 seat capacity stadium. The seating capacities are broken down on the right side of the image. The seats are tiered a little steeper than most arenas which is an attempt at giving an intimate atmosphere to the players. A 60 seat premium level restaurant sits on the north side of the lower bowl. It is flat and not tiered like the other seats.The home team enters the ice from beside their bench, a feature inspired by the old Maple Leaf Gardens. The road team must cross the ice to the penalty box area to go to their dressing room. The only corner tunnel is on the southwest side, for the zamboni. There are two levels of private boxes (Level 200 & 300). On level 200 are your premium boxes and on level 300 are your regular private boxes. Layouts can be seen on the image above.

The gold, premium seats (7 rows) are inspired by the premium seats you can find at Toronto's Ricoh Centre. The two levels of private boxes are stacked like the boxes at Ascot Racecourse. The 4 groups of upperbowl seating areas are like upperbowl at the Coyotes' Jobing.com Arena. The oval shape and domed roof are inspired by the old St. Louis Arena.

Of course, to attend that first game you'll need these tickets.Inspired by their very rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs, coloured bands on the tickets indicate which section the fan is sitting in (Gold, Red, Silver-boxes, Blue). Top dollar is paid to sit in the golds or to have a private box. While the reds and blues aren't the cheapest in the league they are a very affordable alternative to the Maple Leafs, who hold the highest average ticket price in the NHL.

Well, that's my concept for a 2nd team in Toronto. I guess you could say that this is my big COTY push! I'd really like to hear what everyone thinks...
IIHF & Toronto Franchise Concept Reviewed by Ryan on August 09, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

great job with your toros concepts! if toronto ever does get another team, you should send in everything you made to the owners. i could really see the toros in the nhl!

Vagabond Lacrosse said...

Awesome Toro's Concept, and rocked the total package! Where did you get the templet for the Bauer Helmet?

michaelnedrow said...

Great Concept, Ryan. Also, really good IIHF concepts. I do have a question though,when I was little (like 10 or so)I made a new NHL, One where the conference were divided by country. The city of Missuangu (or something like that) had a very large population so I put a team there. Would that be feasible? Is there an area for an arena in Missuangu? Just wondering If my ten year old self was right.

PS. That league was Awesome, 12 Canadian teams and 13 American.

Tommy said...

Wow is all I can say to the amount and quality of work that was done on this concept. The only thing that i might find bad is that the colors are close to the Leafs. I know its stupid but i mean the NHL doesn't want what happened in 1979-80 with the Penguins "stealing" the Bruin's colors. http://www.nhluniforms.com/Penguins/Penguins1979-80.html

Brad said...

this is awesome work! well planned, thought out and executed. Downsview is perfect. The concept is perfect. Hell, even the tix are perfect. Quit knocking your artistic qualities! You created a vision you had. You defined your intentions and met them. That is artistic in its own right. 2 thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

im just not a big fan of the name "toro's"

Ryan said...

@Michael: Mississauga is directly west of Toronto. Literally it is the city beside Toronto. It's population alone is bigger than 16 other NHL cities. There's plenty of room to build a rink but, if a team was there they would probably go under the Toronto banner.

Thank you all for the kind words. Anyone for a COTW nomination?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ryan gets a COTW nomination from me. And also, what did you use to design the arena. Can you please let me know so I can give it a try?

Brandon said...

seconded for COTW. just to nitpick, the home socks are different on the image with all the jerseys than on the player model ;)

michaelnedrow said...


I was just wondering, who are the sponsers on your rink? I couldn't make them out. The red smudge/leaf seemed like it said petrol-canada but, I'm not sure.

Brad said...

quit nitpicking!!! I unofficially third the nomination!!!

Anonymous said...

The toronto Make beleafs suck stealing revenue from their fans when they're only interested in making a profit and no intent in producing a winner.Even if the Toros don't play ever again,they still have a better chance at winning the Stanley Cup than the Leafs.I love the toros concept please do more like a jersey concept contest!

Anonymous said...

Ryan Great Work & I think there should be a contest to create your own team and maybe not as much as you did :) Just a thought

Anonymous said...

any possibility of doing a National team re-design contest?


Stéphane from Québec said...

Putting aside the fact that I believe Québec needs a team before Toronto gets a second one, I personally would go with a name referencing to the link between the Queen and the city. After all, Toronto is known as the "Ville-Reine" (Queen City) of Canada. Plus, it creates a name rivalry with the leafs, who use the Canadian symbol as their name and logo. How about the Toronto Royals? Plus, it creates a non-liking feeling with the Habs and Nords fans who don't give a ... about royalty.

cody said...

i believe that if tornto was to get a new NHL team, the team would be placed somewhere in Scarborough( biggest sub-division of Toronto) and would go with either the Toros or ( a name that has appeared for the new kansas city team) the Skulls. which one do you think sounds better? toronto toros, or Scarbrough Skulls?

Brad said...

Scarborough?!?! nope, mississauga or oakville area. they will never any more south than oakville, and no further north than vaughn. so, draw connecting lines, put an X and drop your team right there! Oops! That's still Toronto! However, Quebec city will be next.

cody said...

@Brad well, what i say is true and would make the most sense considering ohl teams.

Ryan said...

Ok, I saw a lot of comments/questions and I will try6 to answer them here...

I will put the Bauer helmet template and the goalie mask template on the TEMPLATES page.

The colours that I used for the Toros are Blackhawks red and Toronto Blue Jays blue.

The arena is designed with Paint.net. No special program just outlining and drawing lines. As well as some shape manipulation.

Thanks for pointing out the error on the socks. The real version is the one used on the jerseys layout.

The sponsors on the ice are Petro Canada and WestJet airlines.

I thought of using the name Toronto Royals but, there is a team in the GTHL that uses that name and uses the Leafs' alternate logo as their logo. I wanted to avoid any connections to the Leafs.

Brad said...

@ Cody

ok then. ya scarborogh may have larger population, but, if a team were there, ticket prices would be insane, not many scarboroghites could afford them. oakville may have a small-er population, however, compare. who can afford a franchise? where is the money? NHL does not care about anything but the bottom line. Remember it IS a business.

Anonymous said...


is there going to be a new post today?

cody said...

@Brad The team most likely would go in the Bluffs area, so people would be able to pay, and as i said before oakville is making plans for an OHL team. Scarborough has a team in GTHL but deserves a team in the NHL considering its far from the downtown core and makes a bunch of sense. i mailed my ideas for the team to ryan yesterday.

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