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First Batch of AHL Teams

The first 5 Create Your Own AHL Team entries have come in. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Ft. Worth Rangers (by Arthur)
Cape Cod Crusaders (by Brady)
Miami Hawks (by Martin)
Ottawa Rage (by Sam O.)
Lexington Minutemen (by Spirit104)
Here are some thoughts to keep in mind for your entry. I can't speak for the rest of the HJC Voting Committee, but what I will be voting for is a concept that has some consideration put into it. Things like, are the jerseys AHL jerseys or are they just logos on NHL jerseys? I'll look to see if the AHL city is appropriate to be the NHL city's farm club. I also personally like to see proper colours used, not just a standard blue from the 8 colours in the crayon box. Plus, the jersey-logo combination has to look good, of course.

To participate in the Create Your Own AHL Team contest, go check out the AHL CREATE-A-TEAM page. Read the rules. Then, you have until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST to send in your concepts!

NHL 12 demo was released today on PlayStation network and xBox Live.I mentioned this on Friday and I will do it again today, if you plan on purchasing NHL 12 for xBox 360 and you want to form an EASHL team, shoot me an email and we'll try to get something together.


Toronto Maple Leafs logo (by Felix P.)
Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Tommy G.)
September 11th tribute jerseys (by Stephen)
Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by Arthur)I like the blue that Arthur added. I think it has some meaning, but that meaning escapes me right now. I like the home jersey, nicely done. I'd like the alternate more if the hem and arm stripes matched. The road white has too much going on and it all doesn't seem to fit together.

Gotham Blades (by Mason H.)Mason appears to be a Batman fan. He went a step further and researched the fictitious past of Gotham City. Turns out at some point they had a team called the Blades! Logically, Mason made concepts for them using the old Sabres alternate logo. The logo on the 3rd is his own creation.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Jose)Having the Canadiens wear a Maroons style jersey would be the same as having them wear a Nordiques throwback. Not good! This concept itself is good though. I would love to see the Habs wear a jersey using vintage white at least once!

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Spirit104)The home and road I am indifferent towards. I think the star of this set is the alternate. Some may complain though, that it looks too much like the Penguins Winter Classic/3rd jersey.

New York Rangers concept (by Tex)Ok, so we are 3 weeks away from training camps starting and the NHL really hasn't officially confirmed the existance of a 2012 Winter Classic. What the hell is going on! Jersey speculation continues though, including this Rangers concept by Tex. This is good by me, except what's up with the different coloured collar?

Minnesota Wild concepts (by WhiteLightning)The alternate is too "Christmasy" for me. Maybe switch the colours around? It's funny, I like the red trim on the road jersey, but as soon as it's applied to the home concept I don't like it. Overall the set is pretty good though.

Peterborough Petes concepts (by Brian D.)The Petes are almost like the Montreal Canadiens of the OHL. They are the oldest franchise in the league (only because Oshawa suspended operations for 9 years). It's almost essential that they have a classic looking jersey. This almost achieves that. I just don't think the horizontal stripes on the sides are necessary.

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First Batch of AHL Teams Reviewed by Ryan on August 23, 2011 Rating: 5


Kyle S. said...

Ryan, I sent you a Quebec Nordiques concept, and you said it would be posted in about a week. Its been 2 weeks since I sent it. Will it be posted soon?

Ryan said...

@ Kyle S: Yup

ArthurD said...

It's kind of hard to be able to say if one city "appropriate" to be a farm team city for a specific team. Geographical restrictions certainly come into play sometimes, but if it's got a good sized rink, and a public willing to go to a minor league game, then I think any city is an appropriate city for any NHL club affiliation. Just look at OKC/Edmonton, Phoenix/San Antonio, Minnesota/Houston, Winnipeg/St. Johns to name a few that look completely wrong but not only exist but at least for the southern teams I know have decent fan bases to draw upon.

ArthurD said...

I'm sure St. Johns will to, I've just never been anywhere near Nova Scotia so I can't really say anything about that. But OKC/San Antonio/Houston I can all vouch for

Anonymous said...

Stephen, you spelt Crosby wrong on yuor pens jersey

Tex said...

The off colored collar is suppose to look like canvas.
The pants would be the same color.

Tommy said...

As weird of an idea as this is, can we do a fictional city concept? PuckDrawn.com did a Star Wars contest, so maybe we all could do our own spin on it. Possibly comic books or any kinds city. Some ideas could be the Shire Hobbits or the Isingard Orcs. Alot of creativity can come here

Felix said...

To SPIRIT 104 : Mister, you mispelled " Minutemen " ...
You spelled " Minuetmen " on your concept-LOL-I'm originally from USSR ( now it's Russian federation )and back home the word " minuet " stands for a french,for a blow job.
Can't stop laughing.

Felix said...

To Tex: canvas for a collar for my belowed NYRangers and pants made out of a canvas, too - I think it is time to place a Rembrandt on a front instead of " NEW YORK "...

cody said...

Tommy For Cotw! great awesomeness and love the logo he used (i swent it in a while back)

Anonymous said...

second tommy's concepts!

Ryan said...

Clearly the "seconded" by "brian" is in question. However, rules are rules.

For the record that "brian" is not the Brian who sends in quality concepts.

kyle s. said...

hey ryan, i havent sent you friend request on xbox live yet because my live hasent been working. but, i am getting it fixed today and i will send you a request later today, that is if you are stil interested in being in my eashl team.

Ryan said...

@Kyke S.: Yup

Tommy said...

Tommy here, wow I am super excited and flattered that so many people like that Avs jersey thanks =D check my facebook for a bunch more concepts =D

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