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ECHL Edge-ification: Set #3

Still a couple more days to vote for the COTW on the left side of the page. 1st place is currently winning by only 4 votes. After this vote is done on Thursday, we'll start the COTY-July vote on Friday.

Scott's ECHL Edge-ification

Reading Royals concepts (by Scott)Scott borrows from the AHL's Manchester Monarchs to create the Royals' jerseys. LA might not be too happy as Reading is affiliated with Boston and Toronto.

Trenton Devils concepts (by Scott)Scott sent these in before the Devils ceased operations and the Titans began existence. As the Devils would do, he used the same jerseys as the team from New Jersey.

Colorado Eagles concepts (by Scott)This is the newest franchise to the ECHL, being promoted from the Central Hockey League.

Elmira Jackals concepts (by Scott)The Jackals have a great logo and the old Sabres jersey goes really well with it.

Before the Quick Hits, I just wanted to post a couple of things. First, I saw in yesterday's comments that a Central Hockey League ReDesign would be welcomed. We'll finish up the HJC Open this month, then for September we'll do a CeHL ReDesign!

Second, PuckDrawn's Grand Rapids Griffins Jersey Contest has wrapped up its submission phase. I thought I would post my personal top 5 favourites.


Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Martin)
Florida Panthers concept (by Cody)
Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Lachlan)Lachlan has taken the vintage white out of the alternate. He's also used the old "Buffa-slug" numbering and the "B-sword" logo on the vintage home and road jerseys.

Brooklyn Americans concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 places the old Brooklyn wordmark on a reverse Rangers jersey. It looks good but, it would be like the Rangers placing their logo on an old Islanders jersey. Maybe the Islanders can become the Brooklyn Americans if they move there with the Nets (NBA).

New York Rangers concept (by Mark)Mark notes that this jersey could also be used for the Caps. Personally, I would have the classic Rangers logo as a shoulder patch instead of down by the hem but, I applaud Mark for trying to do something a little different.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Mason)Good jersey but, it just looks like a re-coloured Tampa Bay alternate to me. It would be nice for the Kings to have a purple alternate to add some more colour to their sweater set.

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Nevill)This is a really solid set by Nevill for his 1st contribution to HJC! It was sent before the Sens jersey leak, obviously. He returns them to their original jerseys and gives us a full barberpole (1930-31 jersey) as a Heritage Classic option.

After I post this, I'm going over to the HJC Open page and starting up the voting! Voting will run until Saturday, August 6 @ 6:59pm EST.
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Anonymous said...

does cody know spezza plays for the sens?

Ryan said...

Yes, so does David, who originally made that jersey as a Sens concept. Cody re-coloured it to make a QUICK HITS Panthers concept.

jets96 said...

i just read in the globe and mail that the islanders are concidering moving to brooklyn in the new arena so its a possibility that the americans could make a comeback

Anonymous said...

Mark's Rangers concept gets the nod from me to be a nominee for COTW

cody said...

Well to anonymous #1 (beginning of the page), the design was good for a sens jersey,but great for a panthers! which is why i edited it with a new logo and changed the black to blue.

Anonymous said...

Still, u could have put some more work to it and change the name cody

Anonymous said...

cody takes other jerseys and recolors them all the time and then says it looks better for what ever team he used it for, with out giving credit to the original one.

geoff said...

Rangers jersey looks awesome.

The Panthers jersey reminds me a lot of a London (England) Knights jersey. Im still kicking myself for not buying it

cody said...

usally i give the credit of other peoples work to ryan in my emails, and then he doesn't tell people i used it as an idea. but lately i've been using my own ideas.

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