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The COTW voting finished last night and the winner is Mason and his Nashville Predators concept! You can see the winning concept on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Results of the vote are below.

Today is the last day to vote for COTY-July. This is the final poll which is being conducted in the old style. Every concept vote from now on will be voted on by the HJC Voting Committee.

I've moved up the voting deadline for Round 2 of the HJC Open. Round 2 votes now must be submitted by 7:00pm EST tomorrow (Saturday). This is so people who advance have some more time to put together some quality concepts.


Boston Bruins concept (by Tyler)
Team USA concepts (by Stephen)
Team Latvia concept (by Eric T.)
Team USA concepts (by Ricky)These are really solid designs and they make sense. However, it seems like they would belong to a roller hockey Team USA. Or maybe these are concepts for the 2nd Mighty Ducks movie! I'm just kidding, these are well put together.

Team Norway concept (by Felix P.)This is a really cool flag design and it's really nicely put together. The numbers work with it perfectly!

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Brandon C.)Kevin won COTW with a design similar to Brandon's. Brandon uses the actual Nordiques logo on his concepts though.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brandon S.)St. Louis would be a really great team to speculate on what jerseys they would wear IF they ever play in a Winter Classic. How about this mash-up of the Blues and Eagles by Brandon? I think it's great as it uses the Blues' colours and just enough of the red trim to mash these up perfectly. I give this a COTW nom!

Boston Bruins concepts (by Arthur)The Winter Classic design is a given, it's a solid design. I much prefer the striping on the black jersey to that of the white one. On the white sweater I'd make the black stripe thinner and the gold one thicker.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Arthur)To me the home and roads here are not an improvement on what the Pens wear now. What I do like is the retro powder blue jersey that uses vegas gold instead of white. Vegas gold gets a bad rep, but I'm for it! I think I prefer the Penguins in it. If not prefer, than like it just as much as the original gold.
COTW Winner Reviewed by Ryan on August 12, 2011 Rating: 5

1 comment:

Tex said...

I second that nom for B. Shures concept. However, I have no comment regarding vegas gold.

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