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COTW Winner & AHL Entries Keep Rolling In

Here are some AHL entries that have come in recently.

Indianapolis Blizzard (by Bryan S.)
Cincinnati Steamers (by Dwayne)...ahahaha
Victoria Tides (by Dylan)
Saskatoon Oilers (by Shaun)
Pittsburgh Nuclear (by Stephen)

The COTW voting has finished. Here are the results...

Ryan - 8
Michael N. - 2
Kris - 1
Lachlan - 0

For the first time in three months I've won the COTW with my Hartford Whalers concept. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the winning entry.

The HJC Open Final voting continues to Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. It's currently only a ONE vote difference! So, if you haven't voted for the HJC Open yet be sure to check out the entries and cast your vote.

Most of you probably saw the new Houston Aeros jerseys on Icethetics.I really don't like that home jersey. It looks like a bunch of Reebok Edge elements and they are trying to jam them down our throat. The green road sweater and the white alternate are AWESOME!!! I really like how they used their star logo on the sleeve stripe and how they used a reverse of the Wild's alternate for their alternate. It looks awesome and maybe it will convince the Wild to switch to that and their alternate full-time. Please, no one send me that concept now. We all know what it would look like.


Utah Devils concepts (by Cody)
Dallas Stars concept (by John T.)
Florida Panthers concept (by Brendan A.)
Edmonton Oilers concepts (by Spirit104)The home and road concepts are a little too plain, I think. Especially when compared to what they wear now. I like the look of the alternate, but without a yoke outline. If the outline HAD to be there, I'd make it white.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Brendan A.)This is an old Alberta Oilers (WHA) jersey Edge-ified. This is my personal choice for an Oilers 3rd jersey.

Winter Classic concepts (by Arthur)Orange helmets would be crazy outside on the ice. We'd have no problem seeing who was on what team then. The Flyers jersey isn't too bad. The Rangers' concept I just don't make a connection with. It has Rangers' logos, numbers and colours, but it doesn't look like a Rangers jersey to me.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Stephen)We get some combining of eras here. There's the '67 stripes, the '80's arms, numbers from the 2000's, and the '30's logo. Overall, a pretty good jersey. I think a cool jersey would be this logo on the 1980's jersey.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Kris)Yesterday Kris gave us a Toronto Arenas throwback jersey. Chronologically, the next step is the St. Pats, which he gives us here. The Leafs did wear this jersey for their 75th anniversary season for one game (in March, I think) against Buffalo.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Avi)Avi sent in a 1980's Kings jersey, Edge-ified...

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Arthur)Arthur just goes full-on retro with the Kings, except for the logo. The jersey is straight out of the 90's and I think it looks better than what they use. Arthur keeps the purple retro as the 3rd, which I think most would prefer over the Kings keeping the old home jersey.

I posted yesterday, on the HJC Facebook page, that I was thinking that the prize for Concept of the Year could be the COTY Cup trophy, a championship hat and shirt (kind of like what the Cup Champs get). What does everyone think?

If you're around tomorrow, look for a new HJC post around noon eastern time. That's the idea anyways, no promises though.
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Ricky said...

Great use of the old Norfolk Tides colors on the logo, the Orioles came and switched to black and orange (ugh, bad scheme for that logo . . . at least it looks waaaaay better for the Bufalo Bandits :D)

Ricky said...

The trophy idea is great, just not too big or it could cause problems

sam.o said...

yeah the trophy is a great idea

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