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Concepts for the "Un-conceptable"

HJC Shirts are still on sale. Click HERE to get yours. Response to the shirts has been disappointing, to say the least. Maybe some you that have passed on purchasing a shirt can leave some thoughts so I might be able to improve the situation.

Today is the final day for Committee members to email their COTW vote into me. That voting closes at 11:59pm EST.

HJC Open semi-finals voting closes tomorrow night @ 11:59pm EST. So, if you haven't voted for that yet be sure to email yours in.

Less than a month until the only video game that I play, NHL 12, is released! Today they completed the reveal of all of the Legends that will be in the game!Above, from left to right; Lemieux, Roenick, Salming, Chelios, Gretzky, Bourque, Yzerman, Roy, and Howe. Does anyone else play this game? If so, maybe we can get a EASHL team together? Shoot me an email if you're interested, I play on Xbox 360.


New York Islanders concept (by Caleb)
Detroit Red Wings logo (by Felix P.)
Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Arthur)Arthur uses the vintage logo and a shoulder yoke outline. He's also reversed the sleeves for the home sweater and used laces on all of the jerseys. I actually like most of these changes except for the octopi patch on the white jerseys.

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Lachlan)Lachlan adds the english style "D" logo as a shoulder patch to the home and road sweaters. That's a pretty safe move. He then uses the 1927-28 & 1929-30 Detroit Cougars jersey as a 3rd, which the Wings wore during the 1991-92 season. I'm agreeable to all of the changes here except I'd like to see a different font on the front of the Cougars' jersey.

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Spirit104)Spirit moves the arm stripes closer to the shoulders and places the TV number below it. He's also added the "D" logo as a shoulder patch. Cuffs and collar laces have been placed on his jerseys as well. The new addition is the 3rd jersey which is simple enough (yet it is new) that I could accept it as an alternate for the Wings.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Kris)Kris has placed the new logos on an Edge-ified Jets jersey from the 1980's. Maybe we'll see something like this as an alternate for the 2012-13 season?

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Arthur)Arthur has changed the colour of the trim and the jersey numbers on the old Avalanche sweater design. I like the addition of a darker blue (trim) on the home jersey, but I think it should also appear on the road jersey as well.

St. John's Ice Caps concept (by Ryan)Considering how much buzz there is around the Jets jerseys I'm surprised some of that hasn't rubbed off on their new farm team, the St. John's Ice Caps. I'm sure people of St. John's are nearly as pumped as the people of Winnipeg are to have a team again. St. John's used to be home to the Leafs' farm club.

Houston Aeros concepts (by Mike A.)This is one of the entries that Mike had planned on using if he had advanced in the HJC Open. We've seen the home jersey before from Mike, the new addition is the road. I'd like to see more of the darker blue on the road jersey.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Michael N.)Oh no, Michael has removed the green! Actually, these look pretty sharp. If the league didn't already have so many blue teams and the Canucks fans were never re-introduced to green, this could fly. I prefer the blue and green, but these look great as well.
Concepts for the "Un-conceptable" Reviewed by Ryan on August 18, 2011 Rating: 5


Dylan said...

@Ryan do you have a Xbox 360

Ryan said...

@Dylan: Yes

michaelnedrow said...

I would've bought a t-shirt but, what turned me off, was the shipping price. It adds up to $35 a shirt. Ryan, man, I love your website, but I'm not going to spend $35 on a shirt. That was just my issue.

Brandon C said...

Why is Roenick there but Orr isn't?

sam said...

ouch thats expensive

Ricky said...

Michael m.'s Canucks conept receives a CotW nomination from me.

Ryan said...

Shipping is $12 to US and $15 to CAN. With that in mind, what is an acceptable price for the shirt?

Dylan said...

If we can get a team going. Count me in

michaelnedrow said...


For me around $26, but it doesn't really matter what I think the acceptable price is. I understand that you have to hold it at a certain price so you don't lose money. I just don't spend that much money on any clothing item.

Anonymous said...

as far as shirts go this might be a long shot but one way I think you could sell more shirts is with the permission of the artist that sends them in is to make shirts of actual concepts from regulars like Tex, Brad, or anybody else you like. Just an idea to think about.

Tommy said...

Regards to NHL12 Legends:
There is a decent amount of players I felt were missing, including the already mentioned Orr, Messier, Leetch, and the list can go on for a very long time. Its hard to pick that few great players, include goaltenders, and satisfy every fan. For me, I would love to play with the 94 Rangers, being a fan and all. But they never really came out and said that you can play with the entire team, just the one legend which is a bummer.

Brad said...

thanks for the props annonymous!!

cody said...

Yeah! Patrick Roy has to be my fave goalie of all time, and Borje Salming inspired Peter Forsberg( i wear 21 cuz of him, and the fact my birthday is on the 21st) to become a hockey player. only one question. How come Bobby Orr isn't in the game? this is why i only play 2k NHl games.

Anonymous said...


2k nhl games suck

cody said...

@anomynous at least you can play with a whole team from a era and they dont make NHL games for the Wii(thats what i have ).

Matt Marczel said...

Why did they only create 9 legends for the NHL 12? They left out quite a few, like where is Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Mark Messier, Jaques Plante, Terry Sawchuck, Bobby Clarke, Bobby Hull, Mike Bossy, Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Larry Robinson, Stan Mikita, Glen Hall, as well as many others. IMO they should've just created playable legendary NHL teams, like the 1980's Oilers, early 80's Islanders, the 1970's and '60's Canadiens, early '70's Bruins, 1960's Maple Leafs, like what the NHL 2K franchise did a few years back.

Anyway, I can't wait to pick up my PS3 copy of NHL 12. I've owned every NHL game EA has ever made to date, and NHL 12 will be EA's 20th edition of the NHL game. I've been hooked since 1991.

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