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The voting committee is currently in the process of sending in their votes to me for the HJC Open Round 2. The final of the old style voting (COTW & COTY-July) still continues on the left side of the page. Today is the last day to vote for COTW and tomorrow is the last day to vote for COTY-July.

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Buffalo Sabres concept (by Ryan)
Buffalo Sabres concept (by Tyler C.)
Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Arthur)I really like how Arthur does something different with his 3rd jersey and I think it works! I think I would have used a blue outline on the yoke instead of yellow, but it still looks good.

IIHF concepts continue to come in for the IIHF Concept Week...

Team Japan concept (by Eric T.)I like the way the number is presented. A white number might be easier to see though. Why doesn't the hem stripe continue on the back? I also think this could use some TV numbers or something on the sleeves. Right now it looks too much like a practice jersey, I think.
Eric had sent in a draft and not the final product. The finished concept has now been posted above.

Team Mexico concept (by Jose)Jose sent this one in before for his homeland, Mexico. I LOVE the grey pattern under the arm stripes and on the hem. Mexico's national team logo is the only thing holding this one back.

Team Canada concepts (by Caleb)Caleb thinks that with the 2014 Olympics in Russia, that Canada should wear a 1972 tribute jersey. Would the Russians do the same and wear their old Soviet Union jerseys?

Team Canada concepts (by Connor)Hockey Canada has made it a mission to not feature black as a primary or secondary colour on Team Canada jerseys over the last few years. I completely agree with their thoughts. I like the use of gold as a trim colour and I think that would be a good replacement for the grey on this concept. A couple of notes; on the front-left side of the white jersey it's blue instead of black and when did Team Canada get a team in the AHL?

I would suggest to all jersey submitters to do a double check before sending in your work. I don't want to single out Connor because it has been done many times before by others. Sometimes it's an honest mistake, but sometimes it's people rushing their work and just wanting to get it in.

Washington Capitals concept (by Brandon S.)Too bad the Caps changed their colours when they changed their logos in the 90's. That brand looks better in the current blue and red scheme.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Arthur)Grey helmets! That could be quite interesting for the Kings. I like the white jersey and again Arthur tries to do something different with the jersey pattern. The black jersey looks like a Nike international jersey, as do the socks. That's not a bad thing it just doesn't look like the NHL style.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Mason H.)I really like the striping on the front of the jersey. It sort of makes it look like the jet is ripping up the centre of the sweater.
Buffalo & More IIHF Reviewed by Ryan on August 11, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

oops honest mistake connor

Ricky said...

Ryan's Sabres concept is being nominated for CotW

The Gamer said...

Mason H's Jets concept gets a COTW nom from me!

Connor Hanley said...

That was essentially a recolour of my CT Whale concept. How the fuck did that slip through. Tommorow I'll update it with gold and get that stupid AHL ass logo.

ArthurD said...

2nd Mason's Jets

The Gamer said...

Ryan, could you put the Reebok Edge template with the Reebok wordmark on the back on the templates page?

Samuel said...

Arthur's Kings sweater gets my nomination for COTW

Ryan said...

@TheGamer: Sure, it has been done.

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