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Assorted Concepts & HJC Open Semi-Finals

All the concepts for the semi-finals of the HJC Open came in early! Thus, voting can start right now and it will run until Friday @ 11:59pm EST. Go to the HJC OPEN page to see the entries.


All Star Game concept (by Tyler)
New Jersey Devils concept (by Evan)
Winnipeg Jets logos (by Felix P.)
Winnipeg Jets concept (by Klye S.)This is a pretty good jerseys design and red only appears in the logo as TNSE has said it would. One change I would have made is just to have a single coloured cuff, no grey at the end.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Caleb)I like this design. I like how the arm design only goes down to the horizontal stripes. This could use a little bit of a clean up though. For anyone who is interested in this template and other templates, you can find them on the TEMPLATES page.

New York Rangers concept (by Andrew)Sorry, this jersey just isn't my cup of tea. A few critiques; I'd try and use only one shade of red, an outline around the shoulder patches would be better, and I'd make the arm and hem stripes thicker.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Arthur)I like the two shades of blue separated by the mid-section stripe, but I don't really care for said mid-section stripe and the thin red line in it. Still, this is a good unique design.

Hartford Whalers concept (by Ryan)I find that the original Whalers look work better on the CCM cut jersey, but the post '92 look works better on the Edge cut. I went about making a green alternate for their 1992-93 set, in the Edge cut.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Arthur)I love both of these designs! I think they work really well for both Nashville and the Edge jerseys.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Jeremy)This is Jeremy's first foray into creating his own logos and it's a pretty good job. I always appreciate when someone puts the effort into drawing their own logo. The yeti may be a little too detailed for a jersey, but it's better than anything I could do. On effort alone this gets a COTW nom from me.
Assorted Concepts & HJC Open Semi-Finals Reviewed by Ryan on August 16, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I really really like Kyle's concept for the Jets. I hope they use something similar to that. I don't like the Avalanche concept. I am a die hard Avs fan. I personally like the Avs logo, but I do not favor their jerseys. I don't understand why people always take the burgundy out if their concepts. The burgundy is unique and i love it. I want the Avs to get retro designed jerseys, with BURGUNDY!

michaelnedrow said...

I'm just going to ask. How do you draw your own logo?

Ryan said...

It's just like drawing for real except u use paint.net,paint,illustrator,inkscape etc.

Anonymous said...

Illustrator is really fun!

Caleb for COTW, vert nice integration of vertical and horizontal stripping on the arms that remains simple yet unique.

Anonymous said...


By the way, Stéphane from Québec, it's me. Nos that I have an accourt, I Will remove the "from Québec" from my signature.

Anonymous said...

And sorry for all the typos. M'y iPad is trying to fin d french words as I type...

Ricky said...

Ryan's Whalers concept is getting the nod for CotW.

cody said...

Whalers for COTW! love the whalers and i would enjoy them making a comeback in either hartford or halifax(both can use the logo, halifax deserves a team)

Ricky said...

Ryan's nomination has been seconded by Cody, who makes a good point that Halifax is a suitable host city for ice hockey, but the NLL is looking into having a team there.

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