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AHL Entries, Set 5

Here are the AHL entries that came in recently;

Brooklyn Americans (by Arthur)
Miami Tridents (by Arthur)
Atlanta Storm (by Brandon S.)
Atlanta Flames (by Evan L.)
Kansas City Ducks (by Kris)
Kansas City Rovers (by Marty)

Today is the last day to vote for COTW. Strangely, only 7 votes have been cast for COTW all week. If you have yet to vote for COTW be sure to do so before 11:59pm EST.

HJC Open Final voting continues right up until 11:59pm EST on Sunday. It's Brad vs Stephane in the Final. Check out the HJC OPEN page for concepts and then cast your vote.

Sorry, this next bit is going to be Toronto centric...

This isn't a design topic, but it is a hockey topic. Toronto lost two quality radio play-by-play men today. They didn't die they just left for other teams.John Bartlett, who was the voice of the Toronto Marlies has moved on to become the radio voice of the Montreal Canadiens. The Leafs also lost one of their lead radio play-by-play men in Dennis Beyak. Dennis moves to the Jets organization and will broadcast all 82 of their games, either on radio or TV. The Leafs' loss is the Jets' gain as Dennis is one of the best in the league!

It's a shame what AM640 (Leafs radio broadcaster) is doing this year. It's their intention to switch from a talk/sports format and just go straight talk. This upcoming year is the final year in their radio broadcasting rights deal with the Leafs. Next year Sportsnet Radio FAN 590 and TSN Radio will go to war for those rights as AM640 steps off to the side. Fan 590 has been prepared for a while as it's owned by Rogers Communications, who also happens to be the "official communiactions sponsor" of the Leafs. TSN Radio is preparing themselves by taking on some of the former AM640 employees who did a stellar job covering the Leafs. This season of Leafs radio may be one of the worst as far as quality goes. Why? Because AM640 got rid of their 4pm-7pm sports talk show (The Bill Watters Show) which did a great lead-in to the Leafs' broadcast and they also lost/got rid of, their Leafs reporter to TSN Radio, and now they have one less radio commentator (Joe Bowen split duties with Beyak). If AM640 can't provide a quality broadcast like the a Leafs game deserves, then they should just sell their final season to FAN or TSN and move on!

Sorry about that rant. Lets move on to concepts!!!


Detroit Red Wings concept (by Andrew B.)
Scarborough Skulls concepts (by Cody)
Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Felix P.)
Calgary Flames concepts (by Arthur)I like everything about the home jersey. I like the black alternate except for the yellow hem stripe going all the way to the bottom of the jersey. It looks like it gets cut off. I'd like the white jersey if its striping was consistent with the red concept.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Kris)It would be interesting to see if the Leafs could wear this Toronto Arenas throwback in an outdoor game. Not like they wouldn't be allowed, it's just a little plain. I wonder if it would be marketable?

Seattle Aliens concepts (by John T.)I like that John put together a new team and if there was one American market I would endorse as a new NHL city it would be Seattle. However, I find the Aliens moniker to be a little dated and the jerseys just look like green and grey Caps jerseys.

Manchester Monarchs concepts (by Brady)With the Kings taking back their black and silver look, Brady altered their AHL affiliate's jersey with the same treatment. These look good, but with the lack of colour (not a bad thing) in the Kings' look right now I think it's a good idea for the Monarchs to keep some colour on their uniforms. Again though, these look good.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Avi)Avi gives his Jackets a grey 3rd jersey. Yes, I want to see a grey alternate in the NHL, but seeing this makes me think that Columbus is not the team for it. What do you think?

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Arthur)I like both jerseys here, but not in the same set. I'd like to see a home and road using the wavy stripes from the top sweater. I'd also like to see a home and road using the classic striping of the bottom sweater.

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Russ)I sort of like the direction these concepts are heading. Here are a couple of notes though. That font is unique to the Ducks and it should stay that way (in my opinion). What happened to the "Reebox" on the back of the jersey? I like consistent stripes, the green jersey has thick stripes then thinner stripes are used on the white jersey.

That's all for today. Keep getting those AHL entries in and vote if you haven't already!
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ArthurD said...

The Bluejackets in grey is sort of giving mixed signals. They're the Bluejackets for a reason. The same reasons Ole Miss football has grey alternate uniforms.

ArthurD said...

That said though, not a bad look.

Anonymous said...

My leafs jersey is meant to be a heritage jersey, possibly for the team's 100th anniversary coming up in a few years. I wasn't really thinking outdoor game when I made it.

Jackets Color Guard said...

I never understood why people wanted a grey third jersey for the Blue Jackets, a team named after the Civil War UNION soldiers. That'd be like a team named after the Patriots in the Revolution sporting Red Coat jerseys. Not a huge fan, sorry Avi. Our Jackets gotta stick with blue! They are the BLUE Jackets after all. CARRY THE FLAG!

geoff said...

Would love for KC to get an AHL team. Like the Ducks jersey and the Alternate Rovers jersey. I think if KC got a team playing in the Sprint Center they would return to their roots and go with Blades or Scouts. Although I wouldnt mind seeing the Mavericks just move up to the AHL

Ricky said...

what station did the Jays move to? I listen in from Buffalo when the Angels play 'em all the time, but couldn't this year b/c it wasn't on the FAN 590.
Second, is Joe Bowen still active? I know he still does Leafs tv play-by-play, but does he still do rock lacrosse on the radio, since there are different guys on the livestream page?

Anonymous said...

All 162 Jays games are on fan 590 and rogers sportsnet. on fan590.com, you can listen live any time.

Jeff Mac said...

Love the T Jersey Kris! My great grandfather was on the 1914 Stanley Cup Blueshirts and I've been trying to find a replica jersey and I can't anything anywhere. Would love to get your made up!
I wonder how I would go about doing that?


Anonymous said...

That Miami Tridents logo is a complete ripoff of the Seattle Mariners' old logo, just recoloured. Also, the Leafs' "T" logo is WAY too plain. It's just a bland "T" on a blue jersey with uninspired striping. If the author of the latter reads this, maybe get a bit more creative with the stripes and add a double outline to the "T" (White logo, blue, and then a white outline). Then it would look pretty darn good.

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