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AHL Contest Winding Down

You have until tomorrow @ 11:59pm EST to get your AHL Create-A-Team entry in. Voting will begin on Monday after I post the final entries (if there are any). Here are the entries that have come in recently.

Whitehorse Yukon (by Dave C.)
Levingston Roughriders (by Kyle M.)
Saskatchewan Nationals (by Mark S.)
Utah Gunners (by Marty)
Oakville Red Barons (by WinnipegJets96)

The HJC Open is soon coming to a close. It's Brad's Bruins concept versus Stephane's Flyers concepts in the Final. If you have yet to vote go to the HJC OPEN page to see the concepts then send in your vote. As of this posting the score is VERY close, but I'm not saying who is winning. Also, I have yet to place my deciding vote. The details of how that will be done are also on the HJC OPEN page.


Derek Boogaard Minnesota Wild tribute (by Arthur)
Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Cody)
Team France concepts (by Marty)

Texas Stars concept (by Arthur)The AHL loves their specialty jersey nights. Apparently, it draws some crowds. Arthur has gone along with that and created a "Military Night" themed jersey for the Texas Stars, Dallas Stars' AHL affiliate.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Arthur)Arthur now switches to the parent club and returns them to their 93-94 look. Except this time he's added numbers on the front of the jersey. One of these concepts could be good if used as inspiration for a new 3rd jersey.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Brendan A.)Brendan has used the former North Stars jerseys to create a new set of Dallas Stars jerseys. I like the slight colour alterations to the logo on the black and green sweaters. As good as these look, I think HJC readers know that I think the North Stars belong to Minnesota and it wouldn't really fit the Dallas Stars to wear their jerseys. Still, great looking jerseys here.

Nashville Predators concept (by Brendan A.)How about a simplified script jersey for the Preds? i think with a little more life added to the wordmark this could be a great 3rd to the new set. The reason I'd like to see some character added is because the logo and numbers have so much going on, but then this script is so plain and white. I like this and it has potential.

San Jose Sharks concepts (by Kris)Kris has switched the orange and the white, making orange a secondary colour now. I think I like it the other way. What about everyone else? Do you like white or orange as the secondary colour?

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Ryan)We recently got the news here on HJC (from Bryan S.) that the Blackhawks will NOT have an alternate jersey this season. That leads me to think that in the future they will have a completely new 3rd jersey or just go back to the original black 3rd (or no 3rd jersey at all?). I suggest my favourite concept of all time as a new 3rd jersey...when that time comes.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Avi)This is a really great set by Avi! The only complaint that I have is that the 4th jersey, with Carter on it, just looks like a Rangers jersey with CBJ on it. Other than that, the home road jerseys that have fused together the two jerseys eras look great. The lighter blue 3rd jersey looks awesome! I'll go ahead and give Avi's concepts a COTW nomination.

For those that may have missed it, here is yesterday's post.
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Anonymous said...

the blackhawks 3rd is really nice cotw if you ask me

spirit104 said...

ryan, I love that blackhawks jersey, COTW vote from me

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the new shop.nhl.com's new "Black Ice" jersey. Its basically making the regular home jerseys for select nhl teams totally black with the teams primary color as light trim. Comments?

Tommy said...

The last comment was by me sorry guys

Tex said...

Avi's CBJ set forCOTW. I love, even the third.

cody said...

second Avis Concepts

Felix said...

I absolutely love the Whitehorse Yukon concept made by Dave Campbell!!! Terrific work!!!The alternate jersey is sensational!!!
Sorry, but Utah Gunners concept is no go. The logo has been taken from Asenal F.C without any modifications... I'm very sadden with a fact that Marty had a " U " and " G " and couldn't come with anything creative at all- that is a pity,very... About Avi's Stein concept of CBJ - I have only one question: on a 3 rd jersey the logo is hard to see and read immediately, its hard to see what is on that logo, except an " X " in a center and I'm not in favor of another circle logo at all. A hat from a Civil War theme would've been just fine.

geoff said...

The Rapid City Rush logo is bad enough to see in the CHL so Im not crazy about the concept that uses their logo.

I like the idea of more Orange for the Sharks. However I think the black shoulders on the Sharks needs to go. Either use the orange their or probably teal their would look even better to go with a jersey that is all teal other than the stripes

cody said...

@geoff true. maybe the sharks can get a cool AHl team that does that.

cody said...

Ryan when the new post going up?

Anonymous said...

I like Kris's Sharks concept. I think the use of orange as the secondary color really makes the jerseys pop.

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