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Winnipeg Jets Concept Post #2

We are now up to 19 entrants in the HJC Open tournament. I think I may have sent the wrong email to some entrants. I might have said you will be given your seed and opponent by the end of Wednesday. I actually meant Sunday.

Today is also the last day to vote on the CHL ReDesign league votes and the COTW.

Jets concepts are at the bottom of the page but, I will do some regular concepts first.


Buffalo Sabres concept (by Martin)
Oakland Seals concepts (by Cody)
Winter Classic concepts (by Stephen)
Montreal Canadiens concept (by Mark)To me, with the shoulder yoke, there's a little too much going on here. Then again without the yoke it just becomes the white jersey from the 40's.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brandon S.)The jersey striping isn't too bad but, the addition of yellow to the alternate logo and then making the Blues logo yellow wasn't the best choice. I think keeping them the regular colours would have given this jersey a touch of life to it.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Gary)I really like the jerseys here. I think 3 even stripes close together is a great look on a jersey. I'm not a big fan of that TB logo though. I AM a big fan of the number style!

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brad)Brad hasn't changed too much for these concepts. He's used a darker red and laces on the collars. Numbers are placed in the arm stripe instead of their usual location, above.

*There's so many here that eventually my comments may become redundant. I will post these with no comments but, the artists would definitely appreciate your comments at the bottom of the post.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brandon S.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Elias)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kyle S.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Evan W.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Ricky)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Arthur)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Nevill)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kirk)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kevin)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brian)
Winnipeg Jets Concept Post #2 Reviewed by Ryan on July 28, 2011 Rating: 5


Brad said...

I like Arthur's Jets set, just gotta change the helmet colours. I think Neville's option A is great, it seems, however, like it needs some red somewhere. Brian's is a perfect mix of the RCAF design and new colour template, I just don't feel the numbers. Nice stuff guys!!

Ryan said...

I agree with Brad about Brian's design. I would be totally happy if the Jets used that but, I hope they wouldn't use those numbers. However, that font is all over their website.

Brad said...


Brad said...

oh and ya, i augmented the primary logo. the inside is smaller. you can't really tell until you zoom into it.

Glen Cuthbert said...

Kevin's Jets for COTW

Anonymous said...

Brian, what kind of font did you use for your Jets jersey?

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