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Week of July 25-31, 2011

In the previous Weekly Poll I asked where you guys thought the Winter Classic, after the 2012 edition, should be held. With 30% of the votes, Minneapolis was the clear choice.As you can see above, 2 possible locations for the game would be Target Field or TCF Bank Stadium. Tied in a distant 2nd place were Columbus and Toronto with 13% each. Full results can be seen below.

This week's Weekly Poll is asking a question that was asked back in a mid-December Weekly Poll. Except this time Winnipeg now has a team (Quebec won the last poll with 34%, Winnipeg had 31%). Which city is most deserving of an NHL franchise? Voting is on the right side of the page and will run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

The concept submission phase for the CHL ReDesign has ended. Voting will now start with everyone voting for the concepts in their respective leagues. Go to the CHL ReDeSIGN page to vote and to view the entries. League voting will run until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Then on Friday, the three league winners will come together in a vote to determine the winner.

I was going to reveal the next competition today but, it will be a little more involved and slightly more exclusive. You'll see what I am talking about tomorrow.

The Concept of the Week nominees have been announced. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to view them. COTW voting is on the left side of the page and runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

As I predicted I have been sent a bunch of Jets concepts using the newly released logos. Today I am ignoring the usual rotation and posting all Jets, all the time!


Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Evan)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Cody)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kyle C.)
Winnipeg Jets concept (by Tex)Tex sent this in well before the new logos were released. I like it but, the stripes across the chest just seem to be tiring on me now. Not just on Tex's concept but, on all jerseys.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by John B.)This is the first set I got in with the new logos. The home and road look quite similar to the jerseys of the 80's. The red alternate is the one that really stands out. I love the small maple leaves on the hem stripes.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kyle S.)Kyle's red home is a pretty cool jersey and again the road white looks a little bit like the 80's white jersey. The retro 3rd may be a reality in 2012-13. Mark Chipman (TNSE) was interviewed on TSN and was asked about a retro 3rd. He said there was no time this year to do one but, they will "look into it" for next season.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brian)Brian sent these in before the logo release. I find it incredible how close he was with his logo concept! Keep an eye on Brian's concepts this year. Last season he was almost perfect on his guesses for Buffalo's 3rd and the Ducks' 3rd. I'll give this set a COTW nom just because of how close Brian was to guessing the logo.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brian)After the logo release, he sent this set in. He's removed a lot of red and altered the colours to use the two tones of blue that came with the logo package. These are solid jerseys.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brian)And of course, there had to be a 3rd jersey that went with it all.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Scott)A quality set here. The road white is my favourite of the two.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brady)This is also a solid set by Brady. This template in general is a solid striping pattern. My favourite part is the red 3rd, it looks really cool! The only thing I would change is the font on the back. Only because I can tell it's the Sens font and it doesn't seem to fit the Jets.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Ryan)This is my guess for what we will see as the home jersey. My evidence? Notice the picture of the kid holding up the t-shirt? Those shirts, for each team, are in the colour of the home jersey. The Air Force inspired jerseys were worn by the Manitoba Moose a few years ago. Mark Chipman seemed to reference that jersey a lot in interviews on the logo release day.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Scott)Scott may have the same idea. The jersey does look pretty good and the logo goes well with it.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Stéphane)Stéphane also uses the RCAF Flyers jersey but, as a 3rd with his set. The other two are based off of the striping that is on the Jets' website and some Jets retro jersey elements.

Don't forget about all the voting that there is to do.
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Brian said...

I can see the Jets going with something like your concept, Ryan. Only it will not be exactly like the old RCAF Flyers. They'll need to tweek slightly just so it doesn't feel ripped off the Habs.

The Gamer said...

The kid holding up the Jets shirt is also wearing a shirt with the original logo and the NHL logo above it, like the NHL team t-shirts you mentioned. Does that mean something? Probably?

Brad said...

oh ya, that's a hint to the retro thirds they'll release by christmas time ;) . Ryan and Brian's designs ares clearly the direction they are going to go. in both designs yoke piping is prevelent just as Scott's and Stephane's 3rd aswell. i think they'll go that way too. if you check out the Jets NHL page the colour scheme is pretty straight forward...

cody said...

Rcaf design won't be used on all jerseys, they most likely will use it on the road and home jerseys. however, they wil use the old jets logo and a manitoba moose template

Anonymous said...


how do u know this?

Brandon said...

" I like it but, the stripes across the chest just seem to be tiring on me now. Not just on Tex's concept but, on all jerseys"...... Oh really Ryan?? What about your Chicottony jerseys????

Brandon said...

Chicoutimi* stupid autocorrect

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