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Week of July 11-17, 2011

The Weekly Poll wrapped up and the most worn equipment manufacturer among HJC readers is Bauer with 38%.Reebok and CCM are the same company and together they had 39%.No surprises with this voting. Easton (my preferred brand) had 11%, Warrior had 8%, and Mission 2%.

This week's poll is actually me doing a little bit or market research. I have been thinking for a while that it would be cool to get some HJC swag made for myself. This week's poll gauges the interest of you, the readers, and if you'd like to own some HJC merch. Voting is on the right side of the page and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

The Las Vegas Vipers contest has come to a close. We voted on everything for this competition. Started with the city, then the team name. Then we voted on logos for the new team, and now finally jersey concepts.

The winner, in a massive upset and margin of victory is Martin...Results can be seen below.By winning, Martin's concept moves right into this week's COTW voting.

Speaking of which, the COTW nominees can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Voting is on the left side of the page and runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Thank you to everyone who entered the COTW Challenge. Voting as well as seeing all of the entries can be done by clicking the banner on the right. Voting will run until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST. Normally these types of votes would be a week long but, the winner goes into the 2nd Quarter Vote which starts on Friday!

Today's post will be short with concepts. I promise that tomorrow there will be much more than usual.

New York Rangers concept (by Michael F.)This is a really good Rangers Winter Classic concept! I still love that retro logo and the memorial shoulder patch for Derek Boogaard is a nice touch. Finally, I love the new collar style that Michael has used!

Real Betis concepts (by Martin)Our Las Vegas Vipers concept winner has sent in hockey jersey concepts for his favourite soccer team.

Dallas Stars concept (by Brandon C.)A return to green for Dallas. This concept comes complete with old style thick stripes. I'm not sure that the thin white line around the collar works and I'm not a huge fan of the font on the back.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Mason)No need to mess with a good thing and Mason didn't. He keeps the same jersey striping but, adds vintage white and the "D" logo as a shoulder patch. The old school font on the back also works really well.

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Christian)Christian adds a new colour, navy blue, to the Yotes' colour scheme, which I love. He's also put together his own logo concept in which a coyote is leaping across a shield in the design of the state flag. Great work!
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Anonymous said...

I have to say I did not expect Martin to win at all, but congrats!

Anonymous said...

Its fucking easy like pie to cheat theses polls, you just have to delete the cache and cookies, refresh the page and you can revote anytime you want (by repeat the pattern). I think Martin cheated.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree. There is no way someone could have won with that large of a margin...

michaelnedrow said...

I was surprised that Ryan didn't put koho in the equipment poll.

Anonymous said...

Martin deff cheated.... we never get that many people to vote for one poll like that. #haterz.gona.hate

Ryan said...

I'm looking into all possibilities guys. I'm monitoring this week's votes closely. I'm not blind, I know likely what happened.

cody said...

martin won? his designs were okay but not as good as some i saw . i have a feeling martin CHEATED!!

Anonymous said...

this vipers competition was great, until martin won. no offence to martin, but there were better designs then his in this competition. i think martin cheated. if he wins this weeks concept of the week, we know he cheated.

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