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Thursday's Concepts

You don't need reminding that today is the last day to vote for COTW, COTY-June, and COTW Challenge.

As of this posting (2:30pm EST) it's tied at the top for the COTW Challenge. We have a clear cut leader in the COTW and only 3 votes separate 1st from 3rd in the COTY-June vote!

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Liam)Liam has modified that WHA retro logo and placed it on a somewhat classic jersey. I like the addition of the thin lines going up the front and back. I just wish there were a little more consistent on both jerseys, front and back.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Cody)Cody has placed the Knoxville Avalanche (baseball) logo on old Atlanta Flames jerseys but, has re-coloured them blue where the yellow once was. This one needs some work. Got to get rid of the patchy white around the logo and got to get rid of the yellow around the name and TV numbers. It should be blue to match the rest of the jersey.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Brandon C.)It would have been interesting to see what Reebok would have done if the Sabres kept the black and red scheme for the Edge transition. This concept looks pretty good. I like the angled stripes on the sleeve. Oddly, I was never a big fan of this look for the Sabres.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Kris)Kris has done the '08 Sabres Winter Classic jersey and he's added the blue version to match. Quick story, Punch Imlach modeled the Sabres jerseys after the Leafs' 1967 jerseys, he liked them so much.

New York Rangers concept (by Jose)Jose combines a couple of eras for this Winter Classic concept. The jersey design looks close to the 70's one. The logo, according to Sportslogos.net, is from 1926-1947. My own personal changes would be to have a blue collar instead of the brown and I'd use the 1947-53 logo.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Mason)We're going big on the retro inspired jerseys today, now we'll go heritage inspired. Mason made this based on the NHL's Pirates of the 1920's. I really like how he used an existing Penguins wordmark for the logo. This concept looks great.

New York Islanders concept (by Kevin)We've all heard the rumours that the Islanders will have a black alternate jersey next season and some of us are dreading the idea. Kevin has taken that idea and made a jersey that isn't too dark. I like the thought here. What may even brighten it up further is switching the blue and black.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 creates this jersey using the Leafs patriotic logo from World War II. Can't say I am a fan of this one. It's a little to bland for me. Thin red trim on the numbers might be good.

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by Paul Z.)Even though I'm not a fan of the TML logo, I do like the design of the home and road concepts. The alternate doesn't work for me with the green and the blue. I also just noticed the pants for the home and road, those are great too!

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Tex)Tex has reversed the colours on the 2010-11 3rd jersey. He then added a thicker white stripe in between the two thin ones to replicate the look of the '67 stripes. I'd like the jersey more if there wasn't a yoke.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Tex)Tex usually doesn't like the generic Reebok jersey patterns (PIT, OTT, formerly TB) but, on this concept he thinks it works well. I'd tend to agree with him.

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by WhiteLightning)White takes the "sand" colour from the logo and applies it to all of the jerseys. My favourite from the set is the black alternate. This would have been great if the Coyotes went in that direction back in 2008 for a 3rd jersey.

Had to add these, they are the new Nashville Predators jersey numbers. Click them, then save to your computer.
I just read at OnTheForecheck.com that the piano key design, inside the collar, will only be on the authentic jerseys. Even after you shell out over $130 for a replica, you're not getting that awesome feature that really adds a lot of character to the jersey. Thanks Reebok!
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Kevin said...

I think if Tex numbers and NOB's colors were reversed it would be spot on perfect, COTW worthy regardless!

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Penguins Very interesting concept of Mason. I like the logo on his elbows.

ArthurD said...

Liam used my Jets logo and just changed the font on "Jets". Not a terrible concept though.

cody said...

reebok sucks! the preds jerseya re awesome, yet they take away what makes the jersey fit together and people are going to laugh at you. i like the numbers though and will be using them on many concepts!

Anonymous said...

What's a yoke?

Ryan said...

A yoke is what the Leafs have on the shoulders of their 2010 alternates

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