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Sens, Canes and Kings

I usually mention here all of the voting going on but, you probably all know what voting is happening or you've already voted. If not vote on COTW, COTY-June, and COTW Challenge!

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Winnipeg Jets concept (by Jose)This is just a good solid concept. Sliver has been added as a trim colour and a Canadian flag has been added as a shoulder patch.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Cody)Cody sent in a Jets logo he put together a week or so ago and he placed that logo on these jersey concepts. This could improve by the logos being the same size on both jerseys and not having the grey square behind the logo on the white jersey. Also, TV numbers and/or shoulder patches would be helpful.

Real Betis concepts (by Martin)On Monday I posted some hockey concepts for Martin's favourite soccer team and today I post the other set he sent. I think these work as soccer kits, not really as hockey jerseys. Maybe except the black jersey on the player model.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by WinnipegJets96)I like where this concept could go. A couple of notes, first being that the hem stripes could use the same gold treatment that the arms get. Second, the font on the back needs changing, I think. Something more distinct that Copperplate.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Brandon C.)Brandon has put the "Burger Kings" logo on a black Manchester Monarchs themed jersey. Too bad this logo didn't get placed on a better jersey. It really isn't bad at all.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Kevin)Kevin used the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies logo for his Nordiques concepts. I got to say I really like this set. It's a little hard to get past the Rouyn-Noranda logo but, I understand what Kevin is going for here. That retro jersey also translates really well onto the Edge cut!

Carolina Hurricanes concepts (by WhiteLightning)So, White has removed the shoulder yoke piping, a move which I like, and changed the alternate sweater. That black sweater looks good I just might have added a thick white stripe under the grey arm stripe.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Tex)I love the Canes' shoulder patch on their 3rd jersey so, I'm glad Tex kept it for his concept. I also like how Tex used the hurricane flag pattern on both the arms and hem. The grey NOB (name on back) might be hard to see from far away or on TV, so maybe that should be red or white?

Ottawa Senators concept (by Mason)Mason has a good idea here with a black barberpoe jersey instead of a red one like the OHL's 67's use. I also like the number in the black square on the back and sleeves, just like the Senators of the 1920's!

Ottawa Senators concept (by Kevin)
Kevin goes with a little less striping but, stays retro with no NOB. I loved it when the Canucks did it for 5 games but, I wouldn't want to see it full-time. The shoulder patch that Kevin uses was a pretty good logo so, I like that he used it here.

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AJH said...

Kevin's Nordiques Concept for the COTW!

Connor Hanley said...

jose's jet's concept for COTW.

Ryan said...

Kevin's Nords concepts seconded

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