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I know I said I'd post these last night but, here's the story. I had to go see Harry Potter with the wife. To get through the film I drank some beers...a lot of beers. At the theatre I told off some kid who was dressed as Harry Potter. Then during the movie the kid sucker punches me in the back of the head! So I turn around and lay him out with a swift right hook. After the movie gets out some cops are waiting for me at the exit and I spend the night in jail. And that is why the concepts were not posted last night.

Ok, so none of that really happened...except for actually going to the movie. Anyways, on to the concepts!

I'm starting a small new feature here on HJC called Quick Hits. They'll just be some of the concepts at the beginning of the post. The back-up of concepts in my inbox is getting quite large, which is awesome. Yet, if I continue posting concepts at the rate I was before, no one's concept will get posted in a timely manner.


Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Liam)
All Star Game concepts (by Eric & Evan)
All Star Game concepts (by Brandon C.)
All Star Game concepts (by Mason)
Detroit Red Wings concept (by Paul Z.)I don't understand why yellow has been added to the Wings colour scheme. I think Paul sent a white version of this concept before.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Cody)This could be a good look for that unused Nordiques logo. The logo is a little big for the jersey though.

Anaheim Might Ducks concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 has made an Edge'd Wild Wing jersey. There are some differences from the CCM cut including collar laces. I personally don't think collar laces are needed here. It's trying to make a 90's jersey look classic. I don't think Wild Wing will ever be classic. Maybe classically bad.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Paul Z.)I kind of like what is going on there with the Rockies inspired 3rd jersey. It's different as some 3rd jerseys should be.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Kris)This is an Edge'd yellow retro Kings jersey...

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Jose)There's a lot of different retro elements going on here. I like both of those elements, the arms stripes and chest sash, but I don't know if they work together. What do you guys think?

Toronto Maple Leafs jersey (by Tom O.)Tom purchased a "Leafs jersey" and got it custom crested. He loves the namebar that the Flyers use so much that he had it put on a Leafs jersey. My favourite element is the 80's font that is used on the back. It's very hard to find someone who knows that this font is different from the basic block font. Not even the Leafs' Store knows the difference! I've been looking for a while as I have a white 80's Leafs jersey that I want to get crested with #35 Reese (obscure, I know).

Calgary Flames concept (by Brandon C.)This is the Ducks' 3rd jersey but, obviously changed to the Flames' colours. This looks good as a Flames jersey. I'd personally want a different font on the back though.

Nashville Predators concept (by Mason)Mason sent this one in before the leak of the new Preds jerseys. I would like this if the current gold was used instead of the old alternate mustard yellow. This template may look good on any team.

San Jose Sharks concept (by WhiteLightning)The home and road jersey give a nod back to the original Sharks jerseys. I'm not really digging the 3rd though. The Winter Classic looks great I just wonder if any team would wear a retro jersey from a team that is not part of their lineage?
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Brad said...

Hey Ryan! Did they let you have your phone call? LOL!!! I'd be violent if my woman forced me to go watch that crap too! I can now say I know someone who kicked the shit outta Harry Potter!

Glen Cuthbert said...

The Oakland/California Seals are part of the Sharks lineage. It's the most confusing thing ever, but it's true.

Look up the Sharks on Wikipedia, it's too long for me to explain here.

Ryan said...

@Glen: They had the same owners as the old Seals but, the Official NHL Record Book doesn't list the Seals history with the Sharks. It lists it with the Dallas Stars. I'm sure there are a few versions to the issue.

Brad said...

okland went to cleveland then BUST! stars make sense because when cleveland disbanded they merged with minni in '78-'79. when San Jose entered the league, they drew players from minnesota (dallas) first because of said merger in late 70's. so yes, both team are linked to okland seals and cleveland barons: see cleveland barons AHL 2001-2002 :)

Anonymous said...

this is paul, i added the yellow to the wings jersey as a throwback to the falcons

Brad said...

i think mason is on the right track with his All Star Design, but if the blue was red and inverted with the black, then all the silver gold....perfect!

geoff said...

Mason's All Star jerseys are awesome. They remind me of the one they used in the early 90s that were the best looking ones they ever wore.

Oilers jersey looks great as separate concepts. Do the stripes on the white jersey then do the sash on the blue and maybe continue that to the back

Sharks home and road jerseys look amazing. Not crazy about the black just because it reminds me of their alternate they have now. I also think an alternate for the Sharks needs to have either the round or the diamond fin logo as the main crest. Maybe even use a gray jersey or even a 2nd teal jersey with different graphics to it compared to the home jersey

cody said...

to clear this up, oakland is connected to the sharks, california is connected to the stars and the cleveland barons are connceted to the wild. the reason why that is because the okland owners were the sameas the sharks, the seals merged with stars and the wild and barons wear the same red and b4 the seals merged, they were the barons.

Anonymous said...

@cody, oakland and the california golden seals are the same team, and the barons have NOTHING to do with the wild

cody said...

@Anomynous I know that. im just saying that all 3 teams are connected to three teams in the nhl. its hard to officailly explain but when oakland and california never had the same owners and the people who owned the barons used to own the wild. confusing, but realisitic. ceheck it out on nhl games as well. you'll find that oakland designs are with the sharks, california with both the stars and wild, and barons jerseys with just the wild.

Anonymous said...

@cody not true. the wild just came into the league a couple years ago, so how can the people that owned the barons own the wild years before they owned the barons? does not make sense. and on nhl games, the seals AND barons designs are with dallas. this is because the seals relocatod to cleveland to become the barons, then the barons merged with the north stars. the north stars then relocated to dallas. and another thing, i said it in my last comment also, the barons have nothing to do with the barons. check their wikipedia page.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant to say the barons have nothing to do with the wild.

cody said...

@Anomynous i know that the wild was born a few years ago, in fact they were born in 2000, along with atlanta, nashville and columbus. the old owners of the north stars and BARONS pleaded with the league in order to get a new team. when they got one, they chose to use barons red and north stars green. Ture facts, no lie. the coach was the same as the BARONS as well. so in your face.


@Glen, actually the California Golden Seals/Oakland Seals is the Dallas Stars lineage as the team moved to Cleveland Ohio then after 2 years combined with the Minnesota North Stars who r now n Dallas! @Ryan, the use of yellow n the Red Wings concept is from their past, the Detroit Falcons days when they were red/yellow!

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