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Oh Man It's Hot!!! Here's Some Cool Off Concepts

It's the hottest day in decades here in Ontario. You start sweating just by looking out the window. It reached about 35 degrees Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) today. With the humidity it felt like 45 degrees (113 Fahrenheit). Hopefully, if you're experiencing the heat, anywhere you may be, you're safe inside enjoying some air conditioning and these concepts.


St. John's Thrashers concept (by Eric T.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Martin)
New York Rangers concept (by Elias)
Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Cody)
Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Kevin)We've seen concepts similar to this before. Kevin changes the hem stripes up a little bit. Also, I personally don't think the current 3rd jersey works well with the old colours.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Brandon S.)Brandon also brings back the eggplant colour but, he accents it with black. For me, the eggplant isn't great as the primary colour and this jersey lacks a little life because of it. Small amounts of the old jade could be helpful here.

Washington Capitals concept (by Brandon C.)I really like the re-colour that Brandon did here. I think the 90's eagle logo works really well with the current colour scheme. I like the retro jersey but, I don't think the eras of the logo and look of the jersey match up well.

St. Louis Blues concepts (by Michael N.)I like almost everything about this concept except for the white logo on the blue jersey. I don't think it looks great and they're called the BLUES. Everything else is great though.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Brandon S.)The Coyotes' 3rd jersey definitely looks better in the Jets colours. Here's an interesting thought, with the "new" Jets now in the league it will be hard for the Coyotes to acknowledge a lot of their past in pre game ceremonies etc. People will always think of the new Jets now.

Calgary Flames concept (by Brandon C.)Ideally, for me, I'd like to see the Flames go full-time retro with their home and road jerseys. Then I'd like to see them use this jersey as the 3rd, that would be a perfect set to me. Only thing I don't like on Brandon's concept is the font choice.

Winter Classic concept (by Mason H.)Mason has created his own logo for the game and I always appreciate when someone puts effort into making their own logos. The Flyers jersey is actually based on some rumours that Mason read on the internet. When the jerseys are released we'll have to coma back and re-visit this concept to see how close Mason was. When are they going to officially announce the Classic anyways? Maybe they're waiting for word on the NFL lockout?

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Tex)This is an Edge'd version of the Penguins 80's jerseys. Tex has actually just started a Facebook page to encourage the Penguins to change their uniforms.

Ottawa Senators concept (by David)David adds a little more colour to the Sens, now old, 3rd jersey. He's also thrown together a new logo idea for the team. I really like the laurel wreath design. I think the Sens should use it a little more.

Grand Rapids Griffins concepts (by Eric W.)Eric entered these into PuckDrawn.com's Grand Rapids Griffins Design Competition. I think I like both jerseys equally! I like the logo on the blue one the best and the jersey that goes with it is great! The red jersey is well done and fits the Reebok Edge cut nicely. I'll give this a COTW nomination!

Today is the final day to vote in the COTW vote and COTY-2nd Quarter Vote. In the COTW, the leader is up by 5 votes but, only 3 votes separate 2nd from 5th. In the 2nd Quarter Vote, only 4 votes is the difference between the top 2. So, if you haven't voted yet be sure to do so before 11:59pm EST today!

Also, keep the CHL entries coming in. To see the entries so far, go to the CHL ReDeSIGN page.
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Andrew said...

Brandon C's Capitals jersey for COTW!

cody said...

Davis cocnept would look good for teh panthers if they changed the black to blue and placed in the old pnthers red shoulder patch as the main logo. COTW nom from me!

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