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Making Up For Monday

Yesterday's post was lacking in concepts. Although there was a lot of other information and news, I still feel like I short changed you guys a little bit. Thus, today I will have 15 new concepts for you to comment on and look at.

The COTW vote is still going on until Thursday. Also ending on Thursday is the COTW Challenge vote (banner on the left side), along with the COTY-June vote (left side). If you haven't voted in any of these be sure to now.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Ryan)I created a new Jets logo for this concept. I took the loopy "Winnipeg" element from the bottom of the original logo but, I changed the font. I also changed the font on the "Jets" wordmark and I figured that in the actual new logo we will see some sort of Canadiana so, I added a maple leaf.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Brandon C.)Brandon used a Jets concept logo found on the internet and placed it on a modified version of the WHA blue jersey.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Martin)These designs are definitely off the board, which isn't a bad thing. It's always good to see new ideas. I don't understand the two shades of gold, one on the jersey and the other on the logo. I also don't get the logo on the back of the black jersey. These concepts could also do well with TV numbers.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by WinnipegJets96)I like that this one is different too. However, if there is a red outline on the hem stripe I would have the same outline on the shoulder/chest stripe, or no outline at all on both. Again, TV numbers and/or shoulder patches would help.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Mason H.)Here we have the opposite of last year's Leafs 3rd jersey. The leaf shoulder patch from the home and road, to me, is perfect as a shoulder patch and not the main crest. Also, I don't think us Leafs fans would be too accepting of a jersey with a wordmark across the chest, unless it was a direct copy of an old sweater. This is still a good looking concept though.

Grand Rapids Griffins concepts (by Connor)This is Connor's entry into PuckDrawn's Grand Rapids Griffins jersey contest. If you haven't entered I suggest you do as the winning entry will be worn on-ice during the Griffins' December 31st game.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Brandon C.)Brandon uses SyPhi's Devils concept logo on a black version of the jersey they wear now, minus the hem stripes. I'm indifferent to this jersey. I don't like it but, I don't hate it.

New Jersey Devils concepts (by Glen)I like the devil horns design Glen uses on the sleeves. He's also done a good job of taking the devil's head and using it as a shoulder patch. While he got the logo from the "Devils Den", the AHL's Lowell Devils (2006-2010) also used that mark.

Continental Classic concepts (by Kevin)Kevin sent these in on July 4th and came up with a USA vs Canada outdoor game. Each team wears a jersey to represent their country. I like the idea but, this looks like the Rangers got to keep their style of jersey while the Leafs completely altered theirs.

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by WhiteLightning)White has done a good thing by not touching the home and away, in my opinion. The 3rd uses the Winter Classic logo and places it on the 40's-50's white sweater. Nice set.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Tex)A very black jersey but, it looks cool. I might suggest making the numbers white but, the black numbers do give this concept its personality. It's a good concept I just don't know if it's practical as a real jersey. What do you think?

New York Rangers concept (by Jose)This is a Winter Classic concept from Jose. I think I like almost all aspects of it. I can't really think of a bad thing to say about it. Maybe, except the stars on the cuffs would be hidden by the players gloves.

Winter Classic concept (by Ryan)I don't think these are the sweaters that will be used, I was just trying something different. For the Flyers, I added collar laces and thin stripes to replicate the orange jersey of the 80's. The Rangers jersey is a modified white version of the 1946 jersey. I put the retro logo that I like as a shoulder patch. Yes, I know Richards is going to wear 19 but, I made this before he signed.

New York Rangers concept (by Scott)Scott Edge-ified the John Ferguson 1970's jersey. He did change the number style on the back of the jersey. A good move in my opinion.

Boston Bruins concept (by David)David has used a bear and a great font to create this Bruins logo. I like the jersey design except for the cuffs. Maybe the arm stripes could match the hem stripes and no cuff would be needed?

That was A LOT of concepts. Comment away!
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Tommy said...

I feel like you went really hard on the Continental Classic idea. I never thought of this before and it is a great idea! I love the re-coloring of the Leafs jersey and the Rangers is on cue. The only change would be if you are going to put stars on the Rangers jersey, make it look more NY Americans style like in Scott's COTW. Totaly deserves the COTW for originality!!!

AJH said...

Brandon C's Devils concept got my vote!

martin said...

what are tv numbers?
we have the back logo in germany so i thought that could be looks good on the pens jersey

Ryan said...

Tv numbers are the numbers on the sleeve

Anonymous said...

I don't like the jets concept that Ryan made. The logo has nothing to do with a jet.

michaelnedrow said...

On Ryan's Rangers Winter Classic concept, to me at least, it seems a little to much Baseball Mets like. But, overall, great concept set!

michaelnedrow said...

Glen's Devil's concept for COTW, the use of the horn making up a major part of the jersey is very clever.

cody said...

glens jersey kinda looks like the old sabres( black and red ) jerseys, but im totally gunning for it to be seenon ice!

Connor Hanley said...

glens devils second

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