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It Must Be Off-Season, I'm out of clever titles

Today is the last day to vote for COTW. Hopefully tomorrow the COTY-June voting can start!

Keep sending in your best work for the COTW Challenge. I apologize as I should have been clearer in the rules but, only ONE entry per person.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)David has put together a couple logos for this home and road set. I like the classic look of the sweaters but, a couple of points are the white yoke outline doesn't continue around the back of the blue jersey and the TV numbers say 10 but the back says 16. Good set anyways.

St. John's Navy concept (by WinnipegJets96)Jets96 uses the Hampton Road Admirals (ECHL), who are now the Norfolk Admirals (AHL), logo to create a name for the new AHL team in St. John's. This was sent in before the information about the St. John's Ice Caps trademark being registered. Some numbers and/or shoulder patches could help this jersey. I can also tell it's a re-coloured Lightning jersey because the "victory stripes" remain in the armpit. Just a couple things for everyone to watch for.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Mike A.)Mike made Flames jerseys out of the "Buffa-slug" jerseys! Here's a good question, do you prefer the Flames in these jerseys or sweaters that have Reebok's "piping to nowhere"?

Dallas Stars concept (by Ryan)I set out a few goals for this concept. I wanted it to be green. I wanted it to conjure up memories of the former North Stars, after all it is THEIR history. Finally, I remembered how well received the Mighty Ducks 3rd jersey shoulder patch was, and I thought logos like that aren't really in the NHL right now.

Connecticut Whale numbers concept (by Scott)Scott is a big fan of the Connecticut Whale and created these numbers to go on the back of their jerseys. They are very close to what the Whale wear on their home and roads. Plus, they look awesome however, I like these numbers for almost ANY jersey! I also like that I got a concept that is not a jersey. I love getting jersey concept and it's also cool when someone sends along any other kind of hockey concept.

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by WhiteLightning)White has removed the coloured namebars from the home and road. He's also added a black 3rd jersey. Oddly, I feel that the Flyers are one of those teams that right now, have unique uniforms and don't really need a 3rd jersey.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by David)Very interesting logo concept by David. The numbers on the back are also different. I'm a traditionalist so, it's hard for me to like the numbers but, I'm sure there is someone out there who can like them. Silver has been added here as a trim colour.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Kevin)When I look at the oil drop jersey I feel like it would work so well on the Edge cut. Heck, it would be 10x better than the navy jersey they use now as a 3rd! Kevin does a great adaptation here. He's altered the logo a bit and used different, re-coloured shoulder patches. The font on the back is also a standard block font.

Nashville Predators logo concept (by Brian)I love how the Preds are embracing the "music city" theme. Brian has also embraced it and created this cool guitar logo. I'm not sure it would be the best on a jersey but, on tees and other merch it could be a hit! I think continuing the strings down further on the guitar and moving the stars so they can be a design on the instrument would be better. Still, this is clever and gets a COTW nom from me.

Nashville Predators concept (by John)John didn't want the old alternate skull logo to go to waste so he put it on a blue 3rd jersey concept. A change I would've made would be to switch the stripes. I'd have yellow as the thick stripe outlined by white.
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AJH said...

John's Preds Concept got my vote!

David said...

oops my bad - missed the mismatched numbers on the Jets jersey! D'oh!

Stephan said...

the flames jersey i love with the edge pimping especially the white one in my opinion is top 5 jerseys ever

RoFHockey said...

the flames need to promote their vintage third sweater to their home sweater and add a matching road one. as for the Flames buffaslug mash up...not a huge fan, EDGE is better for sure, even if the EDGE sweater has pit stains!

Michael said...

Thank you Stephan, I was looking at jerseys and Buffalo's template seemed to fit so well with a flame idea.

Michael said...

altho i did forget to add the red to the back of the jersey

Tex said...

Mike's Flames concept is good, even though I am against that kind of piping and paneling. I don't know why, but when I see it I se a penguin spreading it's wings. Maybe do a Pens concept, without the suspender piping. That would look cool.

cody said...

@Tex thanks for the idea. a pengs jersey with the buffaslug design would rock. making it right now!

Tex said...


Cool, can't wait!

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