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HJC Open Announcement & Concepts

If you're not interested in the concepts and just want to find out about the HJC Open, you can scroll to the bottom of this post and then check out the HJC OPEN page.


Anaheim Ducks concepts (by Arthur)
Niagara Service concepts (by Cody)
Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Brandon S.)
Los Angeles Kings concept (by Jeremy)I love the fact that LA can now logically use a grey/silver jersey as an alternate jersey. With black gloves, helmets and pants this would look great.

Quebec Nordiques concepts (by Ricky)In my opinion, this one misses the mark. Nordiques fans would definitely not appreciate the Canadian flag on their team's jersey. The Nordiques were supposed to be the "french as french can be" alternative to the Habs in Quebec. I also don't think that the classic logo and the unused logo go well together.

Winter Classic concept (by John B)John has taken the Winter Classic and made it the NHL's worst nightmare! It's the WHA Winter Classic. He has the Flyers wearing Philadelphia Blazers inspired jerseys. The Rangers are wearing New York Raiders inspired uniforms. This is really good work by John.

The next concepts were sent into PuckDrawn as part of their Grand Rapids Griffins Jersey Contest.

Grand Rapids Griffins concept (by Scott)Not too bad of a jersey. I like it different striping but, only because it would be a "one and done" jersey.

Grand Rapids Griffins concept (by Ryan)This was one of my entries. This is a 1920's inspired jersey. The plain griffin logo is inspired by the Bruins and Hamilton Tigers logos from the era.

Grand Rapids Griffins concept (by Ryan)For this one I tried to be a little more modern, even though I was still able to use the griffin silhouette logo from the 1920's concept.

New York Rangers concept (by Kevin)I like the modification to the Americans jersey that Kevin has done. However, if the Rangers did use an Americans jersey it would be like them using an Islanders jersey, if the Islanders were defunct. Still like the look of this though.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by David)Well this one is certainly different from what we know as the Red Wings! I'm not sold on either of the logos but, I like the jersey and the addition of some silver trim.

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Mark)Mark did a good job not messing with the jerseys too much. Vintage white and collar laces are a couple additions along with the white collar on the home. I like the custom numbers that he's used but, I don't feel the same about the font.

It's a concept vs concept, bracket style tournament. We go through the brackets until their is a winner. Your goal is to submit four (if you get that far) dynamite concepts to win the championship! The winner of the tournament goes directly into the August COTY vote! If you want to be a part of the tournament you MUST read the HJC OPEN page.

I forgot this. I was on WinnipegJets.com and they now have desktop wallpaper with the new logo and wordmark. Thus, here is a bigger wordmark (than what is available on Sporslogos.net) from the wallpaper.
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Stéphane from Québec said...

No Canada flag on a Québec team jersey. Never.

J-Pet84 said...

This is an awesome idea for the tournament. Lookin forward to seeing some wicked shit!

Anonymous said...

ryan where do youi get that template for the guy you used

Ryan said...

@anonymous: it was made by Eric,a frequent contributor. You can find it on PuckDrawn's templates page.

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