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First Batch of CHL Concepts and Way More

Tomorrow will start another Wednesday series. ECHL Edge-ification!

Three days left to vote in the COTY-2nd Quarter Vote. Be sure to vote if you have not done so yet.

I've got the first few CHL ReDesign entries in. You can check them out HERE.


St. Louis Blues concept (by Ryan)
Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Ray)
Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by WinnipegJets96)
Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Cody)
New York Islanders concept (by Brandon C.)This one reminds me, a little bit, of the first Edge jerseys the Isles had...which I preferred in navy. I also don't care too much for the font on the back.

Dallas Stars concept (by Brandon S.)This one is pretty straight forward. Still could use some hem stripes though. Love the use of the North Stars colours.

Dallas Stars concept (by Jose)Moving in the other direction as far as colour goes, Jose goes with the black and gold scheme. He's also used yellow though and I don't think there's enough contrast between the two colours to make it work here.

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Brandon C.)This one gets a couple Canadian teams all riled up. Edmonton wants their colour scheme back and Ottawa wants their jersey pattern!

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Brandon S.)Here we get the Avs 3rd jersey in the Nordiques colours. It's allright but, I would remove the white armpits. I think I would have kept the inside of the logo white as well.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Spirit104)This one is pretty good. It seems to be in the similar style to the Wild's road jersey. The lack of any sort of matching jerseys in the Wild set bugs me a little. However, all 3 that they use are quite good.

St. John's Ice Caps concept (by David)David created a concept logo for the yet to be officially named Ice Caps. I like it I just wonder if the water line would be able to be seen on quick glance or from a distance? One thing I'm sure David didn't mean to do but, it's good to check for this stuff, is the different shade of black on the back-left arm of the concept.

Nashville Predators concept (by Brian)Brian adds a little darkness for this Preds concept. He also goes full tilt with the music theme, which I love. The guitar strings work perfectly as stripes on the arms and hem. Then the guitar pick logo brings everything together. COTW nomination from me! This might be overboard but, what would the guitar strings look like if you placed frets behind them?
First Batch of CHL Concepts and Way More Reviewed by Ryan on July 19, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I actually prefer the Preds guitar strings on the jersey, rather than the numbers. Well done Brian.

michaelnedrow said...

@Ryan, why did you use just a miniture version of the main logo, instead of the great old secondary logo, the one with the horn. I think if you did that the jersey would be much improved.

Ricky said...

The water line in the Ice Caps logo can bee seen from a distance until you cant see the inside of the logo. I stood from the other side of the room and zoomed out the screen several times to make said determination.

RoFHockey said...

the STL concept by ryan is a perfect compliment to their current jersey set!

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