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Feels Like a Monday!

Lots of news to get to. So much so, that it feels like Monday!

I'll start with the COTW July 4-10. The winner was Connor! You can see his winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Results are below.

The COTW Challenge also ended last night. The winner was Tex with his Ottawa Senators concept! That concept now moves directly into the COTY 2nd Quarter Vote! Results of the COTW Challenge are below.

I'll announce on Monday the next contest.

Finally, COTY-June voting wrapped up and the month's best concept went to Brad with his "cold" Colorado Avalanche concept. It can be seen on the 2011 COTY page. Results of that vote are below.

With the dust settled, we can now move on to the COTY-2nd Quarter Vote! That is happening on the left side of the page. It will end on Thursday, July 21 @ 11:59pm EST. Entrants can be seen on the 2011 COTY page.

Right now I'm being dragged off to the final Harry Potter movie by my wife but, I will have a massive amount of concepts posted later tonight! Come back around midnight.
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Connor Hanley said...


Anonymous said...

I came ack at midnight and no concepts were posted...WTF

michaelnedrow said...

Hey anonymous, just calm down, okay. He was busy, it was a long movie, he'll put them up later. Another couple hours won't hurt you.

Anonymous said...

Michealnedrow now it's Saturday and still no posts....

Connor Hanley said...

Patience young padawan

Ryan said...

Sorry guys. I fell asleep before I could get to my computer. Gauranteed concepts tonight!

Anonymous said...

Again, I think martin cheated. No offence to him, but I don't think his design was worthy for second place.

Ryan said...

@Anonymous: Good thing 2nd place doesn't count for anything on HJC then.

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