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ECHL Edge-ification: Set #2

GREAT response so far for the HJC Open. As of this posting (3:15pm EST) we have 14 slots filled. There's room for 32 but, we have to have an even number of participants. If you're interested you MUST read the HJC OPEN page and then email me your "application". Some people have already sent concepts. I did not even look at them because concepts are not required yet.

Part 2 of Scott's ECHL Edge-ification

Kalamazoo Wings concepts (by Scott)It's a good enough logo and I don't really think they needed to copy the Caps' jerseys.

Cincinnati Cyclones concepts(by Scott)A little bit of a dated logo. It is due for an upgrade. This team used to play in a building (Cincinnati Gardens) that was modeled after Maple Leafs Gardens.

Toledo Walleye concepts (by Scott)This might be my favourite logo in all of the ECHL. Yeah, it's a little cartoony but, I'm a fan!

Wheeling Nailers concepts (by Scott)I would be a fan of these except I don't think the red yoke is needed on the white jerseys.


Cobalt Silver Kings concept (by Martin)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Cody)
Minnesota Wild concepts (by Mark)
New York Islanders concepts (by Brandon C.)This would be interesting, as in how mad can you get Islander fans? Are there any Islanders fans left? Anyways, how would they feel about the fishsticks logo on a Ducks style jersey that no one really likes?

Memphis River Kings concepts (by GT49)These are good looking jerseys. I like the unique shoulder yoke! This team has actually moved and is now known as the Mississippi River Kings. They use the same logo and still play in the Central Hockey League.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Brandon S.)Brandon goes REALLY old school here. He's actually gone heritage. He's tried to make it so authentic that it's in black and white! Just kidding, I actually think I like the traditional black and the ash charcoal black together.

Calgary Flames concept (by Tex)Tex tries to keep the Flames retro look while adding a little bit of black trim. For me, I think the black is a little too thick here. If it were thinner, on the arms and around the logo, this might be better.

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Kevin)Kevin has used PuckDrawn's Whalers' logo to create this nice looking set. He's also used a nice new font on the back of the jersey. The striping on the alternate wouldn't have been my first choice.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by David)Oh no David! What have you done to my heavily steeped in tradition Leafs? Actually, I applaud David for attempting a new Leafs logo. I really wouldn't mind it (minus the TML) on shirts, hats and other merch.

Voting is still going happening on the CHL ReDeSIGN page. Tomorrow is the last day for league voting then starting on Friday me get into the final vote. Our "Concept Memorial Cup" perhaps.
ECHL Edge-ification: Set #2 Reviewed by Ryan on July 27, 2011 Rating: 5


Tommy said...

Davids Leaf's yoke is the craziest thing possible yet looks really cool. Unforced you might now b able to see it on the players and Reebok would have a heart attack if they were asked to make that

Brandon said...

yeah that double shade of black was an accident. i had my settings wrong on my computer and couldnt tell the difference between the two

Pangea48 said...

Now that the Titans are a team are you gonna Edge-ify them?

Ryan said...

@Pangea48: Scott sent in a Trenton Devils concept before the new team was announced.

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