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ECHL Edge-ification: Set #1

Today begins a new Wednesday series. Scott, a regular HJC contributor, has given the ECHL a Reebok Edge makeover. Feel free to leave comments and all of the jerseys are still eligible for COTW nomination.

Alaska Aces concept (by Scott M.)We start with last season's ECHL champs.

Chicago Express (by Scott M.)This upcoming season will be the Express' first.

Utah Grizzlies (by Scott M.)This is a well traveled team. After the IHL folded in 2001, they moved into the AHL. Four years later they moved down to the ECHL.

Idaho Steelheads (by Scott M.)This is one of those jerseys that just looks better on the Edge cut.


Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Martin)
Edmonton Oilers concept (by Cody)
Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Stephen)
Edmonton Oilers concept (by Brandon S.)Now that the Oilers have gone full on retro, I expect that an orange alternate will be the next step. Might it look like this or closer to the WHA orange jersey?

Seattle Huskies concepts (by Bryan)Bryan uses the QMJHL's Huskies logo to get his point across but, I like the idea of a team in Seattle. Sharing a colour palette with the NFL's Seahawks is a great idea also.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Kevin)Here we see Mike Ivall's, often stolen, ace Blackhawks logo used on the old alternate jersey. That logo is so good it can make anything look like a million bucks.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Brandon S.)The Devils don't look as dark and demented, as lords of the under world should be, when they're in the old Rockies/Scouts colours. Still, a good looking jersey though.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Ryan)I don't know how long the current alternate will last with the new brand and there has been enough outcry from fans for some black on the jerseys. I thought a black alternate might do the trick. This may lean a little too far towards the old look. I also switched the team name on the logo.

Nashville Predators concept (by Brian)Another Preds concept from Brain and even though this one is a little more simple it still looks great. I would have nominated it but, then I saw the next jersey that I'm going to post.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Brad)I think this Penguins set is awesome. When I got it nearly two weeks ago I instantly thought COTW potential. Which is why I'm nominating it for COTW. Brad has done a really great job combining new and classic elements for this look.

Keep the CHL ReDesign entries coming in! To take a look a what has been entered so far, click HERE.
ECHL Edge-ification: Set #1 Reviewed by Ryan on July 20, 2011 Rating: 5


MMcG said...

I like the Seattle concept(s)

Digging the color scheme!

Tex said...

COTW seconded on the Penguins concept, great work!

Brad said...

WOW! Thanks guys! Your appreciation, the other designers, is what makes it worth while. I got more comin....

Tom said...

Yea i love brads concept. Nice and simple. I've always been a fan of numbers on the chest and I like the pants too. That could fly in the NHL except nobody does it. why?who knows, looks great

spirit104 said...

Ryan's lightning concept for cotw

Dmitri said...

one might think Kevins logo is from somewhere


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