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Devils, Pens and Avs

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Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)David uses the Winnipeg Blue Bombers colours for his concepts and it looks great! The block numbering fits the striping perfectly, I think. Again, these colours look great together.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Sam)Sam used Fraser Davidson's awesome Jets concept logo and has put it on jersey designs of his own. For the alternate, it's a subtle change from their old jersey but, I like it. I think it's just different enough that die-hard Jets fans would want to buy it.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Glen L.)I think this concept could be better if the black on the sides was removed. Maybe the hem could be black instead? Also, Glen forgot to remove the template lines on the collar but, as a first timer he is forgiven.

New Jersey Devils concept (by WinnipegJets96)Here we get the unused Devils logo on a black version of their current jerseys. This might be good but, I don't understand why the logo is in the green and red theme and the jersey is black and red?

Vancouver Giants concept (by Elias)The Giants normally sport their own version of Johnny Canucks, except for them obviously, he plays the role of "giant". Here, Elias uses the Canucks' Johnny as the main logo.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by Kris)This is the soon-to-be former 3rd jersey's white version. This jersey set always puzzles me because I really like the blue version but, I find the white version to look weak, by no fault of Elias' of course.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by WhiteLightning)White shows us the Pens' mid 80's set Edge-ified. A small difference is the addition of a yoke on the white jersey.

Colorado Rockies/Avalanche concept (by Brian D.)I really like how the collar matches the arm stripes. Also, the "C" from the state flag has always been a great shoulder patch logo in my opinion.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Kevin)As some of you may remember, Colorado's jerseys get my vote as the sweaters most in need of a complete re-design. This is a pretty good start as Kevin gives the Avs, Tampa's 3rd jersey template. My favourite is the white jersey.

Nashville Predators concept (by John)Nashville going yellow has been a great move so far! This classic looking jersey is also a great looking yellow sweater. I like the way John used the font from the original Edge Sabres jerseys. Those numbers were one of the only good things about the "Buffa-slug" jerseys.
Devils, Pens and Avs Reviewed by Ryan on July 06, 2011 Rating: 5


Tex said...

white lightning's set would be perfect without the white yoke, either way COTW deserving.

spirit104 said...

John's Preds concept for COTW, it seems simple, but it works extremely well

cody said...

johns for cotw! they are classic and look neat and organized. i also love glen's devil concepts. they look down right awesome!

michaelnedrow said...

@Ryan or anyone else. I was wondering. What are the template lines on the next that Glen didn't remove. Thanks

Scott Markiewicz said...

@michaelnedrow. The template lines are the light gray areas on the top half of the collar.

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