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COTY-June, Oklahoma City Barons, and more

The COTW June 27 - July 3 voting ended last night. The winner with 22 of the 45 votes was Glen with his LA "Burger King" concepts! You can see the winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page and you can see the results of the vote below.
Now we move onto the COTY-June voting. June was a bigger month as it had 5 COTW winners. They now come together for the COTY-June vote! You can see all of those entries on the 2011 COTY page. Voting is on the left side of the page and runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

For anyone that has emailed in concepts in the past couple of days, I have received them but, I just haven't gotten the time to respond to those emails yet. I will do so after I post this. Also, for anyone wondering when/if their concept will be posted, I post everything I get but right now I have about 70 concepts waiting to be posted. Give it time, it will be up here soon.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Spencer W.)Pretty decent logo concept from Spencer. I think the font on the back could use a little more style and colour but, overall a good job here.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Brandon C.)The angular stripes make me feel like this is a 90's concept. I think the brightness of the red also gives me that impression. For those that don't know, there is a link to ColorWerx (official NHL colours) on the TEMPLATES page. There's also a tonne of other valuable resources for anyone who wants to get into making concepts.

Washington Capitals concept (by Mason)Just for the record, this is a different Mason from the one that usually sends in concepts. This Mason though has a good idea as I also think that the old eagle logo would be great with the new colour scheme. Yet, I would only have the sleeves red on this concept and not on the sides of the jersey. I like the striping though.

New York Rangers concept (by Mike A.)I like this red Lady Liberty concept. The blue collar laces are pretty cool. Maybe some small white trim in places would really help the jersey pop.

Florida Panthers concept (by Colby)Colby made a small change to the Panthers' new home jersey. He added white as a trim on the arms and arm stripes.

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by Kevin)Here's the old 90's jerseys and the black 3rd. Kevin has Edge-ified them.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by David)David gives the Hawks a little more colour and a new shoulder patch. This jersey just looks a little too Christmas themed for me. Maybe if the red was darker and the black and green stripes switched places it might not be so festive?

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Brad)It is still my personal belief that you do not mess with the Wings jerseys. However, if someone were to make such a mistake hopefully they would do the same as Brad and keep it simple. The number in the stripe across the chest is something not seen in the NHL. Also, I find the number in italics works well. The more I look at this the more I like it. Now I'm prepared to give it a COTW nomination!

After the Oilers revealed their new road look at the Draft I got a few concepts from people suggesting that the farm club get on the same bandwagon as the Oilers.

Oklahoma City Barons concepts (by WhiteLightning)Ok, so this one isn't so much orange and blue. It does continue those arm stripes all the way around. A yoke outline is also added. The Oilers' 90's oil worker shoulder patch is also used.

Oklahoma City Barons concepts (by Kevin)This one still uses the same cut of jersey but, has used the retro colours. I'm really loving the road jersey and I think these would be excellent for the Barons.

Oklahoma City Barons concepts (by Scott)Scott just goes right ahead and gives the Barons pretty much the same jerseys as the parent club. Only difference is the blue cuffs on the white jersey. While these do look great I prefer when the AHL and NHL teams have a little bit different jerseys but, share the same colours.
COTY-June, Oklahoma City Barons, and more Reviewed by Ryan on July 08, 2011 Rating: 5


Ray Dubs said...

ryan, did u get my leafs concept?

David said...

LOL - BH Jersey festive? Yeah, I guess I should have called it their X-mas jerseys.

Tex said...

I kind of like the Christmas Hawks jersey. Kevin's Flyers for COTW.

Ryan said...

@Ray: I don't seem to have a Leafs jersey from a Ray. Is it under another name? If not, send again.


AJH said...

First off Congrats to Glen for his LA Kings concept and wish him good luck on COTY-June and also to Scott on being 2nd place with his Habs Concept he deserve alot of votes on that.

Kevin's Flyers Concept for COTW.

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