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COTW, CHL Final Vote and Concepts

Last night 4 votes wrapped up.

The WHL, OHL, and QMJHL votes all finished. Winning the WHL vote was Glen's Medicine Hat Tigers concepts with 17.6%. The OHL vote finished tied with Glen's Windsor Spitfires concepts and Kevin's Oshawa Generals concepts even at 11.1%. Ryan's (me) Chicoutimi Saguenéens concepts won the QMJHL vote with 24.4%. Results for all of the concepts can be seen below.
Those four concepts now come together for the CHL Final Vote! The concepts can be seen on the CHL ReDeSIGN page. You can also vote while you are there. Voting runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

COTW vote also ended last night. The winner with 51.2% of the votes is Brad and his Pittsburgh Penguins concepts! That's Brad's 4th COTW win in the last two months! The winning concept can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Full vote results can be seen below.


Dallas Stars concept (by Kyle C.)
Montreal concepts (by Martin)
Buffalo Sabres concept (by Cody)
Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Elias)Except for the alternate, I like the direction these are going. I think the home could use some white trim on the stripes. Conversely the road could use some black trim on the stripes.

Quebec Icebergs numbers (by John T.)These are numbers for John's personal team, the Quebec Icebergs. They are slightly modeled after the Rangers numbers. The captain's C's and A's also have some styling to them.

New York Rangers concept (by Spirit104)This is what HJC is supposed to be about. I told Spirit when he sent this in that this was his best work yet, that each concept has gotten better. Some changes I would make though are to remove the red on the very base of the hem. I like the numbers ON the arm stripe but, I'd give them a blue outline also.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Kevin T.)Some have complained that the Kings new look is boring because it has no colour (I do not agree). So, how's this for those people? A combination of what they wear now with the retro purple and gold! Looks good and either would be great as an alternate.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Kyle S.)The old 80's look was great for the Penguins and many people want it back. Kyle's added laces to this version and has used the Winter Classic numbers.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Brady)This one is definitely not my favourite. Even thought I used the stripe across the chest for my QMJHL entry, after that concept I decided that I was tired of that stripe. I think the Blackhawks have used it now and it has reached its full potential. For this concept, I'd switch the helmets and add the Bruins logo as shoulder patches. I do like the pants design though.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Kris)I think this concept is a great example of how much character those new Predators numbers can add to a jersey. This is a pretty basic jersey template but, with those numbers added it looks makes it a bit more than your average jersey. I just don't like the "NASHVILLE" above the logo. If you were to do that, I'd have it very minute and just under the collar.

All Star Game concepts (by Tex)I like the black jersey, modeled after the sweaters of the late 80's. I also like the white jersey which is a Edge'd 1934 All Star jersey. Even though I like both of them, I don't like them versus each other in the same game.

Detroit Vipers concepts (by John T.)John's Las Vegas Vipers jerseys inspired him to do Detroit Vipers (IHL) jerseys. I really like the fang "piping" on the front and by the hem on the back.

FC Barcelona concept (by Jose)Jose has taken one of the world's most famous football clubs and cross branded them into a hockey team. The jersey seems appropriate but, I don't know how well most of those guys would do on ice.

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Kevin D.)Kevin has used Ian Bakar's awesome Scouts concept logos and placed them on great jerseys. I do wish that the numbers font on the back would somewhat match the font used on the crest for "SCOUTS".

You have until Saturday to get into the HJC Open Tournament. Currently 20 spots are filled. Go to the HJC OPEN page and read the rules before sending your entry.
COTW, CHL Final Vote and Concepts Reviewed by Ryan on July 29, 2011 Rating: 5


Brad said...

Ryan, you are always right on the money with your critique!

Brad said...

However, FYI, your total vote count on the COTM pie chart is incorrect...:)-

Ryan said...

I don't think so...


Brad said...

hmmmm maybe in a drunken stupdor i miscounted...hehe sorry...

Tex said...

I like Kyle's Penguins concept but I don't like the numbers or the tie down but that is just me. My ASG concepts were meant for different years. I have matching versions on the way.

Martin said...

The FC. Barcelona has a Ice Hockey Team in the spanish league.

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