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Concepts for a Summer Saturday

Today, at 11:59pm EST, is the deadline to enter the HJC Open Tournament. Currently, 22 spots are filled.


Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Cody)
Toronto hockey tribute concept (by WinnipegJets96)
Cleveland Barons concept (by Martin)
Montreal Canadiens concept (by Kris)An Edge'd version of the 1940's white sweater...

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Paul Z.)I like that Paul kept it simple by keeping it red and white and I actually wouldn't mind seeing collar laces on the Wings jerseys. This is a good look except, the Flyers are rocking it right now.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by John T.)This is starting to look good. It kind of looks like Reebok's 2nd attempt at Edge-ing the 2006 jerseys. I would like to see Robo-Penguin on the shoulder and some TV numbers though.

Team Canada concept (by Jeremy)Pretty good jersey by Jeremy here. I like how he kept it classic while still getting a little creative with the pseudo Canadian flag in the arm stripes. I'm not too much of a fan of the outline of Canada as a shoulder patch.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Sam N.)Looking at last week's results of the Weekly Poll, it was unanimous that people want to see a Winter Classic in Minnesota. Sam has created a fauxback jersey for such an occasion.

Houston Aeros concept (by Mike A.)Except for the grey nameplate on the back of this jersey, I like it. I like how the shape of the stripes matches the shape of the logo. I think this jersey could work and not be too crazy.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Jose)There's not too much wrong with this concept. Yet, it doesn't jump out at me. I feel indifferent towards it. I do wish that the yellow was more golden and less lemon.

Washington Capitals concepts (by Mason H.)Not too much change to the home, road, and retro jerseys. Mason did use the "weagle" as the main crest. Nice blue alternate jersey as well. Going back to the "weagle", maybe we like it so much because it's an awesome SHOULDER PATCH. I like it where it is and maybe it should stay there and continue to be awesome.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brandon C.)There it is. My ideal Flames jersey set. I would use the usual fonts for the home and road. I'd also use the current home/road font on the killer black jersey. Since this is my ideal Flames set, I'm giving it a COTW nomination.
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Anonymous said...

paul for concept of the week

Tex said...

I dont get Martin's Barons jersey. Why does the piping not go around the back?

michaelnedrow said...


Why don't you even try, you stole another persons jersey and just slapped on a different logo. douche

michaelnedrow said...

Sorry, forgot the question mark after try.

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