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July 30, 2011

Concepts for a Summer Saturday

Today, at 11:59pm EST, is the deadline to enter the HJC Open Tournament. Currently, 22 spots are filled.


Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Cody)
Toronto hockey tribute concept (by WinnipegJets96)
Cleveland Barons concept (by Martin)
Montreal Canadiens concept (by Kris)An Edge'd version of the 1940's white sweater...

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Paul Z.)I like that Paul kept it simple by keeping it red and white and I actually wouldn't mind seeing collar laces on the Wings jerseys. This is a good look except, the Flyers are rocking it right now.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by John T.)This is starting to look good. It kind of looks like Reebok's 2nd attempt at Edge-ing the 2006 jerseys. I would like to see Robo-Penguin on the shoulder and some TV numbers though.

Team Canada concept (by Jeremy)Pretty good jersey by Jeremy here. I like how he kept it classic while still getting a little creative with the pseudo Canadian flag in the arm stripes. I'm not too much of a fan of the outline of Canada as a shoulder patch.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Sam N.)Looking at last week's results of the Weekly Poll, it was unanimous that people want to see a Winter Classic in Minnesota. Sam has created a fauxback jersey for such an occasion.

Houston Aeros concept (by Mike A.)Except for the grey nameplate on the back of this jersey, I like it. I like how the shape of the stripes matches the shape of the logo. I think this jersey could work and not be too crazy.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Jose)There's not too much wrong with this concept. Yet, it doesn't jump out at me. I feel indifferent towards it. I do wish that the yellow was more golden and less lemon.

Washington Capitals concepts (by Mason H.)Not too much change to the home, road, and retro jerseys. Mason did use the "weagle" as the main crest. Nice blue alternate jersey as well. Going back to the "weagle", maybe we like it so much because it's an awesome SHOULDER PATCH. I like it where it is and maybe it should stay there and continue to be awesome.

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brandon C.)There it is. My ideal Flames jersey set. I would use the usual fonts for the home and road. I'd also use the current home/road font on the killer black jersey. Since this is my ideal Flames set, I'm giving it a COTW nomination.

July 29, 2011

COTW, CHL Final Vote and Concepts

Last night 4 votes wrapped up.

The WHL, OHL, and QMJHL votes all finished. Winning the WHL vote was Glen's Medicine Hat Tigers concepts with 17.6%. The OHL vote finished tied with Glen's Windsor Spitfires concepts and Kevin's Oshawa Generals concepts even at 11.1%. Ryan's (me) Chicoutimi Saguenéens concepts won the QMJHL vote with 24.4%. Results for all of the concepts can be seen below.
Those four concepts now come together for the CHL Final Vote! The concepts can be seen on the CHL ReDeSIGN page. You can also vote while you are there. Voting runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

COTW vote also ended last night. The winner with 51.2% of the votes is Brad and his Pittsburgh Penguins concepts! That's Brad's 4th COTW win in the last two months! The winning concept can be seen on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Full vote results can be seen below.


Dallas Stars concept (by Kyle C.)
Montreal concepts (by Martin)
Buffalo Sabres concept (by Cody)
Buffalo Sabres concepts (by Elias)Except for the alternate, I like the direction these are going. I think the home could use some white trim on the stripes. Conversely the road could use some black trim on the stripes.

Quebec Icebergs numbers (by John T.)These are numbers for John's personal team, the Quebec Icebergs. They are slightly modeled after the Rangers numbers. The captain's C's and A's also have some styling to them.

New York Rangers concept (by Spirit104)This is what HJC is supposed to be about. I told Spirit when he sent this in that this was his best work yet, that each concept has gotten better. Some changes I would make though are to remove the red on the very base of the hem. I like the numbers ON the arm stripe but, I'd give them a blue outline also.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Kevin T.)Some have complained that the Kings new look is boring because it has no colour (I do not agree). So, how's this for those people? A combination of what they wear now with the retro purple and gold! Looks good and either would be great as an alternate.

Pittsburgh Penguins concepts (by Kyle S.)The old 80's look was great for the Penguins and many people want it back. Kyle's added laces to this version and has used the Winter Classic numbers.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Brady)This one is definitely not my favourite. Even thought I used the stripe across the chest for my QMJHL entry, after that concept I decided that I was tired of that stripe. I think the Blackhawks have used it now and it has reached its full potential. For this concept, I'd switch the helmets and add the Bruins logo as shoulder patches. I do like the pants design though.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Kris)I think this concept is a great example of how much character those new Predators numbers can add to a jersey. This is a pretty basic jersey template but, with those numbers added it looks makes it a bit more than your average jersey. I just don't like the "NASHVILLE" above the logo. If you were to do that, I'd have it very minute and just under the collar.

All Star Game concepts (by Tex)I like the black jersey, modeled after the sweaters of the late 80's. I also like the white jersey which is a Edge'd 1934 All Star jersey. Even though I like both of them, I don't like them versus each other in the same game.

Detroit Vipers concepts (by John T.)John's Las Vegas Vipers jerseys inspired him to do Detroit Vipers (IHL) jerseys. I really like the fang "piping" on the front and by the hem on the back.

FC Barcelona concept (by Jose)Jose has taken one of the world's most famous football clubs and cross branded them into a hockey team. The jersey seems appropriate but, I don't know how well most of those guys would do on ice.

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Kevin D.)Kevin has used Ian Bakar's awesome Scouts concept logos and placed them on great jerseys. I do wish that the numbers font on the back would somewhat match the font used on the crest for "SCOUTS".

You have until Saturday to get into the HJC Open Tournament. Currently 20 spots are filled. Go to the HJC OPEN page and read the rules before sending your entry.

July 28, 2011

Winnipeg Jets Concept Post #2

We are now up to 19 entrants in the HJC Open tournament. I think I may have sent the wrong email to some entrants. I might have said you will be given your seed and opponent by the end of Wednesday. I actually meant Sunday.

Today is also the last day to vote on the CHL ReDesign league votes and the COTW.

Jets concepts are at the bottom of the page but, I will do some regular concepts first.


Buffalo Sabres concept (by Martin)
Oakland Seals concepts (by Cody)
Winter Classic concepts (by Stephen)
Montreal Canadiens concept (by Mark)To me, with the shoulder yoke, there's a little too much going on here. Then again without the yoke it just becomes the white jersey from the 40's.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brandon S.)The jersey striping isn't too bad but, the addition of yellow to the alternate logo and then making the Blues logo yellow wasn't the best choice. I think keeping them the regular colours would have given this jersey a touch of life to it.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Gary)I really like the jerseys here. I think 3 even stripes close together is a great look on a jersey. I'm not a big fan of that TB logo though. I AM a big fan of the number style!

Calgary Flames concepts (by Brad)Brad hasn't changed too much for these concepts. He's used a darker red and laces on the collars. Numbers are placed in the arm stripe instead of their usual location, above.

*There's so many here that eventually my comments may become redundant. I will post these with no comments but, the artists would definitely appreciate your comments at the bottom of the post.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brandon S.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Elias)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kyle S.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Evan W.)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Ricky)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Arthur)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Nevill)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kirk)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kevin)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)
Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Brian)

July 27, 2011

ECHL Edge-ification: Set #2

GREAT response so far for the HJC Open. As of this posting (3:15pm EST) we have 14 slots filled. There's room for 32 but, we have to have an even number of participants. If you're interested you MUST read the HJC OPEN page and then email me your "application". Some people have already sent concepts. I did not even look at them because concepts are not required yet.

Part 2 of Scott's ECHL Edge-ification

Kalamazoo Wings concepts (by Scott)It's a good enough logo and I don't really think they needed to copy the Caps' jerseys.

Cincinnati Cyclones concepts(by Scott)A little bit of a dated logo. It is due for an upgrade. This team used to play in a building (Cincinnati Gardens) that was modeled after Maple Leafs Gardens.

Toledo Walleye concepts (by Scott)This might be my favourite logo in all of the ECHL. Yeah, it's a little cartoony but, I'm a fan!

Wheeling Nailers concepts (by Scott)I would be a fan of these except I don't think the red yoke is needed on the white jerseys.


Cobalt Silver Kings concept (by Martin)
Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Cody)
Minnesota Wild concepts (by Mark)
New York Islanders concepts (by Brandon C.)This would be interesting, as in how mad can you get Islander fans? Are there any Islanders fans left? Anyways, how would they feel about the fishsticks logo on a Ducks style jersey that no one really likes?

Memphis River Kings concepts (by GT49)These are good looking jerseys. I like the unique shoulder yoke! This team has actually moved and is now known as the Mississippi River Kings. They use the same logo and still play in the Central Hockey League.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Brandon S.)Brandon goes REALLY old school here. He's actually gone heritage. He's tried to make it so authentic that it's in black and white! Just kidding, I actually think I like the traditional black and the ash charcoal black together.

Calgary Flames concept (by Tex)Tex tries to keep the Flames retro look while adding a little bit of black trim. For me, I think the black is a little too thick here. If it were thinner, on the arms and around the logo, this might be better.

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Kevin)Kevin has used PuckDrawn's Whalers' logo to create this nice looking set. He's also used a nice new font on the back of the jersey. The striping on the alternate wouldn't have been my first choice.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by David)Oh no David! What have you done to my heavily steeped in tradition Leafs? Actually, I applaud David for attempting a new Leafs logo. I really wouldn't mind it (minus the TML) on shirts, hats and other merch.

Voting is still going happening on the CHL ReDeSIGN page. Tomorrow is the last day for league voting then starting on Friday me get into the final vote. Our "Concept Memorial Cup" perhaps.