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Winnipeg Scenarios, Minnesota, Lots of votes and More

Yeah, there was no post yesterday. Sometimes things happen and I can't get to a computer or I don't have enough time to do a proper post. Today's post is loaded with material though so, it just might make up for yesterday.

I know we had 3 important votes that everyone is waiting to hear the results for...

Lets start with the Playoff Vote for the Minnesota North Stars ReDesign. By a 10-7 vote count, Brad won the playoff! Pretty low voter "turnout". Maybe you guys didn't see the banner on the right side of the page? Here are the results for that vote.

In the Concept of the Week vote May 30 - June 5, that same North Stars concept by Brad won! Results for the COTW vote can be seen below.To see the winning entry go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Now the vote that some might have been waiting for, the name of our Las Vegas team;The Las Vegas Vipers won with 39% of the votes!!!Click the banner on the right or go to the LAS VEGAS VIPERS page to see the logo concept submission rules. That starts immediately.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Michael N.)Not too bad here as he uses the current 3rd jersey logo with the retro purple and gold. I'd like to see more gold. Especially on the shoulder patch because on TV I think that would just look like a purple blotch.

Minnesota North Stars concepts (by Paul)On the white jersey I'd like to see the green in place of the black. On the black jersey, I'd like to see the gold and green switch spots.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Kevin)I'm a fan of this concept. Vintage white jersey with the logo on the arm stripes!

Just over a week ago my email was suddenly flooded again with Winnipeg themed concepts, all in 48 hours! They're getting posted today.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Dylan)If this were to be a set, I'd like to see some consistency with the logos. I like the red and the blue jerseys best. I'd switch the colours on the arms though so that they cuffs wouldn't be white.

Winnipeg Thrashers concepts (by Ricky)What would happen if the Thrashers' relocation to Winnipeg were rushed? Like how they used to move teams back in the WHA. This is what we might have gotten.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Michael A.)How about a grey jersey for the Jets? Frequent readers would know that a grey jersey is the next thing I'd like to see in the NHL.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kyle S.)I like the use of the retro Jets circle logo as a shoulder patch. If that could be updated somehow and still keep a retro look, that would be ace!

Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Brad)Fresh off his North Stars concepts dominating this week, we have Brad's "last Thrashers concept". Here's an interesting thought. Would the Thrashers have done slightly better if they had better jerseys, something like this?

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Connor)I still think TNSE will name the team the Moose. Jerseys like these would be great! If they do go Moose, there's no way they will use the same design as the AHL jerseys. You have to create something new so people will buy it and not just pull the old one out of the closet.

There ya go! That was a pretty thick post. Just think, there's still a few more Winnipeg concepts in by inbox it's just not their turn in the rotation yet. Also, a reminder that they COTY-May vote is still underway on the left side of the page. Final day to vote for that is Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.
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bluejackets2 said...

woah, those moose concepts look a lot like mine!


Connor Hanley said...


Yes I do realize it's VERY similar to yours. trust me though, I do NOT steal concepts, in fact I made this concept months ago and posted it on sports concepts heaven (a Facebook group where a couple designers on here post their stuff) not making excuses or anything. When I get home from work I'll post a link to when I posted it for proof.

Glen Cuthbert said...

Don't worry, Connor, I've got your back.


He also posted the matching white jersey at the same time.

Brad said...

Man! Double winner!! It pays to support your local Hockey Jersey Concepts Blog!

Bob said...

Is there a rule against a grey jersey in NHL ?

I would love to see that so much !

Ryan said...

@Bob: There's no rule against grey jerseys but, it would count as a coloured jersey and could only be used vs a team wearing white.


About that Thrashers concept. I do believe that teams play as good as their uniform, if the uniform is "CRAPTASTIC" then that's how they play! A uniform redesign is a major change in how teams play! That's just me though!

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