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Week of June 20-26, 2011

Being on vacation doesn't stop HJC!...it just slows down the posting. Anyways, a lot to get to so I won't stall any longer.

The logo submission phase for the Las Vegas Vipers contest is over. It is now time to decide the logo that we will use. Click the banner on the right to vote and to see all of the entries that came in. Logo voting will run until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Last week's Weekly Poll concluded and it asked for your predictions regarding the NHL Awards. Here are the results:
Hart - St. Louis (40%)
Norris - Chara (35%) Lidstrom (34%)
Vezina - Thomas (77%)
Calder - Skinner (65%)
Adams - Trotz (37%)

Here are all of the results
This week's poll asks what is your jersey number? What number do you wear on your hockey team? or, if you don't play, what number would you wear. The four most popular numbers are listed otherwise you'll have to enter your own number. That poll runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Concept of the Week voting is now live. Go check out the nominees on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. You can find the poll over on the left and voting will conclude Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by WinnipegJets96)This is a Kings retro jersey in the Edge style...

St. Louis Blues concept (by Dylan)Dylan has added the Blues' 90's colours to the template and added the old trumpet shoulder patch. A couple things to note, the collar isn't finished as it still has the grey template stripe on it. Unless this concept is supposed to have a grey and white collar, then my mistake. Second point, is beneath the hem on the front view of the jersey we see a black space and a white space yet those colours don't appear on the back of the jersey. What you would want to fill in there is the colour that you would see from the inside of the jersey. I'm not picking on Dylan, I'm trying to help everyone get better. That's what HJC is all about.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Mason)Mason gives us a very "heritage" looking concept here. We get a solid blue stripe across the chest and the logo on the sleeve, both of which I love. The font also nicely matches the vintage "C" logo used for the captain.

Miami Classic concept (by Danny)Danny with his 1st contribution to HJC creates a very interesting idea of an outdoor game in Miami. You definitely get the feel of that with the logo he created! Before you turn your back on this idea saying it would be impossible remember that the NHL held an exhibition game at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas at the beginning of the 90's. I really like the event logo here so I'm giving it a COTW nomination.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Keen)Another 1st time contributor here. Keen sends in a good barberpole jersey. Although it's not completely barberpole, I like the mix here as it doesn't look like it copied the 67's but, still has a great barberpole look. Did I say barberpole enough there?

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Kevin)The Jets concepts haven't stopped coming in. I get at least one a day in my inbox! Obviously everyone is VERY excited to see what the new Winnipeg team will be called. Kevin here suggests that it can still be the Jets while having an old Jets feel. Jerseys seem to be a combo of their final NHL days and their WHA days.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Bryan)Bryan creates a whole new Jets brand while still pulling on the city's emotional strings. He uses a retro logo on the 3rd jersey and also uses the colours of the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers. As above with Kevin's concept, the jerseys are a nice blend on the NHL and WHA days.
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spirit104 said...

Danny's classic concept for COTW

Tommy said...

I feel like Danny's "Winter Classic Concept" is pretty cool and the panther's jersey looks great, but the Tampa jersey seams too new. It would look cool with maybe the old logo on the simple jersey, or something like the Pittsburgh/Florida/Columbus 3rd jersey using their shoulder patch. Still would love to see an outdoor game in such a warm place. And Sun Life Stadium is perfect local.

AJH said...

Keen's Concepts for COTW!
very nice Jersey!

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