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Week of June 13-19, 2011

Last night the voting for COTY-May concluded. It was a very close vote, and only in the final hour did the winner pull away. Results are below.Winning the COTY-May by ONE vote is Brad. Brad continues his winning ways with his North Stars concept. Go to the 2011 COTY page to see the winning entry.

COTW for June 6-12 voting is on the left side of the page. To see the nominees go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Voting will run until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

The Weekly Poll last week asked what new jerseys you are most looking forward to seeing. Well, Winnipeg fever is still sweeping through the hockey community as the unnamed team was the clear cut winner with 63% of the vote. Coming in 2nd was the new Sens 3rd jersey with 8% of the votes. The team receiving the least interest were the Kings, who only got 1 vote. Maybe it`s because we know what to expect.

This week's poll revolves around the NHL Awards and who you think will win the 5 major awards. Voting is on the right side of the page and will run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. I learned my lesson last year and will mot be watching the show.

Getting some Las Vegas Vipers logos in! One thing to be sure to do is read the rules. A big issue is that it has to be ORIGINAL artwork. I really look forward to seeing what else comes in. Even if you think you can't make a logo, give it a shot. You have to start somewhere, right?

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Tex)
Not so much a concept as it is a prediction of what we will see next season when (if) the Oilers come to your town. I agree completely except for the collar insert, which I think will be blue. I also don't think there will be blue cuffs, as the original never had them.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Kevin)Hey, remember the XFL? Kevin made good use of the Demons logo as a Devils logo. In fact, I think WWE wrestler The Undertaker also made use of the logo.

Minnesota North Stars concepts (by Mike R.)Mike sends in his 1st concepts to HJC as North Stars concepts. If I had to choose one, I'd go with the one in the top left that has two shades of green. These would benefit with collars added. Things like that, and much more, can be found on the TEMPLATES page.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Ricky)Here's a mash-up. Moose logo and font with Thrashers colours. Can you imagine how angry people of Winnipeg would be if this is what they were given as a team? They want the Jets and they're given the Moose with the old team's colours that they would rather forget.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Kyle S.)Is this the night that the Canucks raise the Cup? Wouldn't it be nice to see them raise it wearing that white jersey tonight? Or that blue jersey on Wednesday? I also like the idea of a green 3rd.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Kevin)I think the home and road look great! Unfortunately the Kings are really taking the colour out of their set by doing the silver and black thing. The purple jersey is a nice 3rd jersey and I guess that's where the colour should come from now.

Ottawa Senators concept (by Michael N.)Michael sent this along as a Winter Classic concept. I like it, I think it has a nice 1930's look to it. It's also something a little different from the barber pole. Just need to fix the shoulder patches so that they appear as they normally would.

I said last week that I wanted to post pics of the game worn Leafs jersey that I bought I also wanted to compare the crap they sell as "replicas" to the actual thing. I don't really have time to do that today but, I will post the pics and you can try and see the differences for yourselves.

Toronto Maple Leafs game worn jersey

Toronto Maple Leafs game worn jersey
Toronto Maple Leafs game worn jersey
Toronto Maple Leafs game worn jersey
Toronto Maple Leafs game worn jersey
Toronto Maple Leafs game worn jersey
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1 comment:

Brad said...

i've been looking at jerseys since the 80s. the knock offs that they sell today are just insultory. i remember back when you knew you had a real jersey because the logo was padded. it's redundant now, but thats what i revered...oh! by the way...YEEE-HAWWW!!!! 3 time, what?!?!

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