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June 24, 2011

Friday is Draft Day

I'll have a complete post after tonight's Draft. However, I will be on Twitter all night.

A couple quick notes...

Here are the COTW results;Scott's Rangers concept won. I'll put it on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page later tonight.

The Las Vegas Vipers logo voting also ended and the winner probably isn't a surprise to anyone.Tom's awesome Vipers logo wins! When I post later tonight I will have all of the details for the next step in the contest.

Enjoy the Draft, which will include the Panthers' jersey unveiling, the confirmation of the Preds jersey leak, and the return of the Jets. As I said earlier on Twitter, Winnipeg should get up to the podium tonight, announce that they will call themselves the Jets and then hand their new draft pick a retro Jets jersey.


Brad said...

i agree! give 'em an ol' blue one instead of a generic nhl one. should give that one to pheonix with a big 'for sale' sign for a logo!!

Stephan said...

di anybody see florida's new jersey